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Remote Desktop into Windows 8

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I’ve got several machines running Windows 8 at home and there are times when I would like to quickly remote into one of my Windows 8 machines so I can change some settings or install something, etc. In Windows 8, you can enable remote desktop and connect to your machine from Windows 7, Vista, and […]

Enable Windows 8 Hyper-V

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In Windows 8 there is a new feature called Hyper-V that is basically the same thing as XP Mode in Windows 7. It allows you to run as many guest operating systems on your Windows 8 host machine. However, Windows XP mode was based on Windows Virtual PC, which was the consumer version of their […]

Install and Setup a Website in IIS 8 on Windows 8

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I’ve had Windows 8 installed for a while now and I finally decided to try and setup a small test site using IIS 8, the latest version of Internet Information Services that runs on Windows 8. In this article, I’ll show you how to install IIS 8 on Windows 8 and setup a new website. […]

Create a Windows 8 Backup Image

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Windows 8 has some cool new tools for fixing your PC without having to go through all kinds of crazy boot screens and command prompts like in older versions of Windows. The two main features you may have heard of are Refresh PC and Reset PC. Refresh PC is kind of like doing a repair […]

Cleanup the WinSxS Folder in Windows 8 & 7

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In Windows 7 and Windows 8, there is a new folder under C:\Windows called WinSxS, which basically stores dll and component files. It also stores older versions of all dll and component files and can grow to be quite large. In addition to that, a lot of space is taken up by the backup folder, […]

Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad: Which to Buy?

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As you probably already know, Microsoft held a big event in LA to unveil their future iPad competitor called the Microsoft Surface. The Surface is definitely a closer competitor to the iPad than the Kindle Fire or the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, both aimed at the lower-end market. For high-end tablets, the iPad and […]

Should You Defrag an SSD?

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With a lot of more modern computers using SSD’s (Solid State Hard Drives), one question I often get asked is if you need to defragment a SSD. That’s a good question because up until now, pretty much everyone has defragged their computer at least once. So why do we defragment a hard drive in the […]

Troubleshoot Windows 7 Random Freezes

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I’ve worked with a lot of clients and one issue I’ve seen crop up since Windows 7 was first released is random freezing. It doesn’t seem to matter which program you are running, how long Windows has been running or anything else, Windows will just randomly freeze and you have to either kill the computer […]

How to Install Chrome OS on a Netbook

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So I was rummaging through some junk I had in my garage the other day and I ran into my old beloved, but now completely useless, Asus 1000HE netbook! Wow, that segment vanished just as quickly as it appeared! Anyway, it’s still a decent little computer, so I didn’t want to give it away. It […]

Find, View and Analyze BSOD Dump Files

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So you just got your first Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or maybe your twentieth? Whatever the case, most people don’t know how to fix BSOD problems themselves. If you have someone geeky in your family, they might be able to fix it for you, but there are a lot of times when you have […]