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Fix “This device can’t use a Trusted Platform Module” When Enabling BitLocker

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I recently tried to enable BitLocker on an old Windows 8.1 PC at home and got an error message that I found would be extremely cryptic to anyone who isn’t a computer geek. Here was the message: This device can’t use a Trusted Platform Module. Your administrator must select the “Allow BitLocker without a compatible […]

How To Fix Flash Crashes in Internet Explorer 11

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If you’ve been on sites like YouTube while using your new shiny Windows 8 computer running IE 11, you might have run into a very annoying issue where the browser crashes or freezes for no apparent reason. Actually, it’s mostly related to IE 11 because I’ve had several clients complain about the browser crashing on […]

Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting PS4

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Unfortunately, if you’re reading this page, you’re probably having some trouble with your Playstation 4 system. As with any new hardware, there are always kinks to be worked out. Luckily, the PS4 has a built-in safe mode option that lets you try and fix your system. What’s funny is the fact that Sony put a […]

Fix Checkerboard Scrolling Problem in Google Chrome

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Recently, while using Chrome on my Macbook Pro, I ran into a weird problem. For whatever reason, when scrolling on certain webpages, a checkerboard background appears instead of the actual web page! I’ve been using Chrome for ages now and have never had any issues, so this was quite a surprise to me. Initially, I […]

iPod Shuffle Bricked, Not Charging?

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I recently came across an issue with a Apple iPod Shuffle that wouldn’t power on. It was simply operating correctly one day, and the next day, it refused to power on. At first I figured the device was bricked and it was time to be thrown to the garbage. However, a unusual fix got the […]

Fix Base System Device Not Found in Device Manager

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 on my PC and downloaded all the drivers from the manufacture’s website and thought everything was good to go. I happened to go into Device Manager and noticed that there was a problem with Base System Device. Actually, there were several Base System Device driver errors, […]

Fix Detected DNS Cache Poisoning Attack Message

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I have ESET Smart Security installed on one of my PCs and I recently got an alert message saying the following: Detected DNS Cache Poisoning Attack is detected by the ESET personal firewall Whoops! That definitely didn’t sound too good. A DNS cache poisoning attack is basically the same thing as DNS spoofing, which basically […]

Unable to Boot Windows with External Hard Drive Attached?

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I recently purchased a 2TB Western Digital My Book and connected it up to my Windows 7 PC at home. Everything was working great until I decided to restart the computer. Instead of Windows booting up, I simply got a black screen and nothing else. I could not boot into Windows! At first, I thought […]

Fix Login Error in Firefox

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If you’re using Firefox, you might have recently stumbled upon a strange problem where you can’t log into Facebook. Instead of being able to login, you end up with some strange error messages: /check6only.facebook.comajax/v6.php?v=check6only&pingonly=false This happens when you try to login to your Facebook account and it instead redirects to some odd page. I ran […]

HDG Explains – What is the System Reserved Partition?

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If you have ever installed Windows by yourself, you may have run into the situation where Windows setup tells you it’s going to create a System Reserved partition for system files. The size of this partition is 100 MB. The exact prompt is To ensure that all Windows features work correctly, Windows might create additional […]