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Turn Off Or Remove The Global Menubar Entirely In Ubuntu

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With the addition of the Ubuntu Unity interface has come the global menu or AppMenu. This is the Mac-like menubar that appears at the top of the screen, on the panel, as opposed to on each window, as in Windows or other Linux releases. There are a couple advantages to having the global menu in […]

Three Easy to Use Configuration Tools For Ubuntu Unity

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One of the things that has long set Linux apart from Mac OS X and Windows is in how easily it can be customized. Simply grab a text editor, the configuration file, and start editing. Of course, this isn’t necessarily the simplest way to configure something, and is certainly not the most user friendly. However, […]

Caffeine Keeps Your Monitor Awake While Using Flash In Linux

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To say that Flash has some issues on Linux would be an understatement. It’s never been as smooth or as memory efficient on Linux as it is on other operating systems (Windows in particular), and now it’s been announced that Linux will no longer be officially supported (aside from the built-in Google Chrome Flash support), […]

Delete Unnecessary Fonts and Install MS Core Fonts In Ubuntu

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When you first install Linux, you might be surprised at the fonts you have availble to you. Especially for users who haven’t used Linux, and are coming to it from Windows or Mac OS X, the font names might be a tad unfamiliar. As an example, open up a word processor and look at the […]

Get Clipboard History In a Unity Lens In Ubuntu With Diodon

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As we’ve previously mentioned, Ubuntu doesn’t come with a built-in clipboard manager (although KDE does, and enables it by default as well). This is easily rectified by installing one of a number of clipboard managers, such as ClipIt or Pastie. Both those programs place an icon in the GNOME Panel, and let you access your […]

Two Clipboard Managers That That Work With The Ubuntu Panel

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By default, most operating systems run a fairly simple clipboard. When you copy text, it is added to the clipboard. When you paste, it is copied from the clipboard to your current document. If you later copy something else, it is copied to the clipboard and whatever had been there is now unavailable. For people […]

Use A Standard Desktop (Not A Folder View Widget), In KDE

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Every operating system presents its users with a slightly different desktop environment from the others. In Mac OS X, the user sees a Dock at the bottom of the screen, icons that run from top to bottom, left to right, and a universal menu bar across the top of the screen. Windows has the task […]

View Your Google Calendar Events In The Ubuntu Unity Panel

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As the computing experience becomes more and more focused on the Web, it’s nice to be able to access the information while still on the Desktop. For instance, having weather information shown on your taskbar or panel, email reminders with pop-up notifications when new messages arrive, and instant access to Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. […]

Use KNemo To Monitor Your Network Traffic Stats In KDE Linux

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If you get your Internet service through Comcast, or any of the number of Internet providers who have a hard cap on bandwidth use, you may find some months in which you download and upload a great deal. This could cause you to wonder if you may be close to the monthly limit. Some service […]

Configure The Window Decoration Buttons In KDE Linux

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When Ubuntu made the decision to move the window controls from the right side of the windows to the left side, it was a bit controversial, to say the least. A lot of people didn’t understand the change (one of the reasons given – windicators – have yet to see the light of day), although […]