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Fast Media Conversion In Windows With Oxelon Media Converter

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If you’re a Windows user who’s looking for a way to convert your audio or video from one format to another, there are hundreds of possibilities.  Simply go to Google and search for audio converter or video converter and wait for the results to roll in.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out what’s […]

Configure Windows Update’s Automatic Update Checking

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Every operating system will tell you that your computer will run best, and will be safest, if you keep it up-to-date.  This is a no brainer, really, and so there are dozens of good reasons to have your system’s automatic update checker turned on, and to have those updates installed automatically as well. On the […]

Install and Configure SABnzbd+ For Easy Usenet Downloading

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There are a fair handful of Usenet NZB downloaders available for Linux.  You can choose from LottaNZB, Klibido, Kwooty, Binreader (also available for Mac and Windows), plus a very basic client called NZB.  But if you happen to run Windows or Mac OS X as well as Linux, then you might be looking for a […]

Change the Default Save Folder in a Windows 7 Library To a Custom Folder

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When you save a file in a program and you don’t manually change the folder, the file ends up in My Documents by default. What if you want most files to be saved to a different folder without having to navigate to it every time? We’ve written about how to change the default save location […]

Use Alternate DNS Servers In Windows For Faster Internet

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For many computer users who have complaints about their ISP’s Internet speed, one factor they may not be considering is the quality of their ISP’s DNS servers.  DNS stands for Domain Name Servers, and is what your web browser uses to convert the web address you type into the URL bar of the browser into […]

Difference between Windows 7 Home, Professional and Ultimate

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If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista and are thinking about making the switch to Windows 7, you might be wondering what’s the difference between all the different versions. Unlike OS X, which has one version for everyone, Windows tries to break it down into several groups with different price points. Depending on […]

Best Windows 7 Christmas Themes

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Christmas is right around the corner. If you get into like I do, then it’s fun to not only decorate your house, but add some jingle to your computer too! What better way than to download some awesome looking Christmas themes for Windows 7. With the Aero-style Windows 7 themes, everything looks so much better […]

Is there a Classic View in Windows 7?

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Yes Windows 7 has some fancy eye-candy graphics and display options with the new Aero interface, but maybe you don’t want that? Maybe you’ve gotten accustomed to the classic Windows look which has been around since Windows 95? If so, well there is an answer! Luckily, Microsoft is not crazy enough to completely cut out […]

Show the Classic Navigation Tree in Windows 7 Explorer

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Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has undergone some major changes, one of which is the new Navigation pane. The classic tree view of folders and directories from Windows Vista and XP has been replaced by a list of groups like Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, and Network. The Computer group does not display unused drives like […]

Save Clipboard Content Using a Sidebar Gadget in Windows 7 and Vista

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If you copy and paste a lot of text, images, and files, a gadget, called Clipboarder, will make your life easier. It allows you to view and access saved clipboard items using a few simple hotkeys. The clipboard items are displayed as previews in the sidebar. Clipboarder also supports drag and drop functionality. Download Clipboarder […]