Best Clipboard Manager for Windows 7 & Windows 8

I have been looking for a good clipboard manager program for years and had gotten so sick of trying them out and not being satisfied, that I finally gave up and haven’t used on in years. Until today! While browsing some freeware site, I ran across a clipboard manager called Shapeshifter that works on Windows and Windows 8.

I have to say it’s pretty awesome. It is easily the nicest looking, simplest and most stable clipboard manager program I have ever used. You can download Shapeshifter from here:

It’s only 2.5 MB and takes up a whopping 6 MB of memory on my Windows 8 system. Once you install it, you’ll get a few prompts to configure the program:

best clipboard manager

First, you have to choose your mode. I would go ahead and choose Mixed mode, which basically is a combo of Integrated mode and External mode. Basically, you can manage the clipboard using CTRL + V or using the taskbar icon in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

clipboard manager

The Settings dialog will pop up and here you can pretty much leave everything as is unless you want to change the color of the border that appears around the window for selected items. The default was fine for me. Now just start copying things like you normally would with CTRL + C. Copy files, images, songs, documents, etc. When you press and hold CTRL + V, you’ll see this awesome dialog pop up below. Just use the arrow keys to select what you want to be pasted.


When you start copying things, you’ll also notice that the Shapeshifter icon shows up in the taskbar. Just hover over it and it will display an Aero-like theme for the items on the clipboard. You can then just click on the item you want to copy to the main clipboard and you’re done. When you press CTRL + V without holding it down, it will simply paste whatever you had selected.

windows 8 clipboard

Very nice! The program looks absolutely great and makes using the clipboard fun again! The fact that it works with Windows 8 is also a great benefit since there simply aren’t that many clipboard managers for Windows 8 yet. This program is updated constantly and therefore runs like a champ. These programmers are really awesome! Enjoy!

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