Monitor Active TCP/UDP connections on your computer with TCPVIEW

TCPVIEW is a TCP and UDP port connection monitor that let you see a detailed list of connections established on your system; pretty much like the DOS command netstat does, but besides the cute interface TCPVIEW offers some other conveniences.

tcp udp monitor

As you can see from the picture above, tcpview gives you the name of the processes being used, the name of the local address and the name of the remote address. Right clicking on any connection gives you the option to see the process property, so you can know where the host of the process is located on your hard drive. By right clicking the connection you can also end the process or close the connection.

By clicking on Options on the menu bar, you can choose what to see, by unselecting “Show unconnected end points” you only see the current established connections, and likewise by selecting it gives you the option to see unconnected connections. The menu bar also features the option to see process properties and the options to kill the running process. By going to “Options” on the menu, you can toggle the fonts and colors of the software at your liking, neat uh.

You might be wondering, that looks good, but how useful is it? Well, one of the things I find useful using this tool is, when a computer is running slow and you want to check if there are unsolicited connections running on the background of the system, like spyware for instance, or you want to check if a certain connection was successful or not. From IT perspective, these tools become really handy to troubleshoot network and system problems sometimes.

download TCPVIEW from here

Leave your comments of what you think about this tool, or if you know of any tool like this, let me know. Thanks.

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