Quickly Swap Mouse Buttons from Left to Right

Not all people are born with their right hands being the dominant one. In fact, 10 percent of the world’s total population is left handed. Nevertheless, left-handed people are not inferior to the right-handers.

Actually, some of the most famous, powerful, and captivating personalities in our history are left-handed. These include Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ludwig von Beethoven, Queen Victoria, Fidel Castro, Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, and Barack Obama.

However, our present society sometimes singles out left-handers. For instance, our computers mouse is, by default, applied for right-handed people. Left-handed computer users find it very difficult to operate a mouse.

The Dmouse program is an application that can quickly and easily change the mouse buttons from left to right (and vice-versa). If you’re left-handed and you are using a shared computer in your house, school, or at work, this software is great for you.

Dmouse is visibly placed on the computer’s system traybar so you can swap buttons in a snap. It is a free tool and can be downloaded at http://www.swapmousebuttons.com.

download link

After clicking the download link, you can either open the zip file directly or save it on your computer. For this review, we will open the zip file.


Once the download is complete,

download complete

we will be redirected to our default de-compressor program, which in this case is WinRAR. Extract the zip file to your preferred location.

extract to

Double-click the recently extracted file (setup.exe).

setup file

This is the Setup Wizard. It will guide you to the entire installation process.

setup wizard

After the setup is done, check Launch Dmouse (checked by default) and click the Finish button to close the installation.

setup complete

When Dmouse is launched, it will ask for an additional file — QuickSolutions3.msi. You can ignore this request by pressing Cancel.

quicksolutions error

quicksolutions error 2

This is the application’s primary interface. It’s a small rectangular display with a mouse on it.

main interface

To quickly swap mouse buttons, click anywhere inside the display and the mouse image will change its main button from left to right. To change it back from right to left, you’ll just have to click again the display. It’s very simple and straightforward.

click anywhere

Dmouse is placed on your traybar for quick and easy access.

traybar icon

You can hide the program’s main interface by right-clicking its traybar icon and pressing Hide. You can also swap using this menu the left and right mouse buttons.

If you have a touch-screen computer, the Switchback Mode is applicable to you. When this command is enabled, it will quickly carry out mouse right-clicks using just your fingers on a touch-screen PC.


If you haven’t included the Desktop and/or Start Menu shortcuts during the installation, you can still launch Dmouse on its default directory located at C:\Program Files\Swap Mouse Buttons\Dmouse.

exe file

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  1. Thanks for writing about my software. =)


  2. Then, there are those of us strange right-handed people who use the right mouse button like left-handed people, anyway. :-)

  3. Doesn't work on Windows 7. Needs VB run-time files.

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