See History of All USB Devices Connected to Your PC using USBDeview

If you are a computer geek like me, you probably don’t like it very much when other people use your computer, right? I don’t either! I especially hate it when people try to download software, install programs, or connect up their devices without asking.

There may come a point where you would want to find out if anyone connected a USB device to your computer while you were not around. Maybe you let someone borrow your computer and told them not to connect a USB stick or some other USB device to it.

USBDeview is a free utility that you can use to see all of the currently connected USB devices on your computer as well as any previously connected USB devices.

usb device history

Just download it and run the EXE file, no need to install the program or anything like that. It will instantly bring up a list of all the USB devices currently and previously connected to your computer.

As you can see from above, it includes detailed information about each device including the following info:

  • Device name
  • Device description
  • Device type
  • Connected
  • Create date (first time connected) Last Plug/Unplug Date
  • Serial number
  • Hub/Port (which port it was connected to)
  • Driver letter (if it as assigned a letter)
  • USB Class, Subclass, protocol, and more

connected usb device

You can also uninstall USB devices that you previously used or disconnect USB devices that are currently connected to your computer. You can even use USBDeview on a remote computer as long as you have admin login credentials to that machine.

You can also generate an HTML report that includes all of the data about each device. USBDeview doesn’t have very many options other than disconnecting or disabling/enabling USB devices.

Basically, it’s really only useful if the rare occasion you want to check what USB devices were previously connected to your computer. For IT Professionals this can be useful in case someone copied confidential data onto a USB stick without authorization. Since it can give you the serial number and brand name of the USB stick, you can track the device down much more easily. Enjoy!

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