Super Charge CCleaner with Hundreds of Extensions

I’m a big fan of CCleaner because it does a great job of finding all the crap on my computer and getting rid of it. I run it once a month and it usually frees up a couple of hundred MBs. Plus, the registry cleaner does a good job without ever messing up my system. However, up until this point, I just used the tool the way it comes when you download it with the default settings, etc.

What I didn’t know was that there is an add-on for CCleaner that basically adds hundreds of programs to the default list and can save you even more space and clean out even more junk entries in your registry. The add-on is called Winapp2 and it’s just an INI file that adds hundreds of settings for just about any program you can think of.


Before I go into how to install it, let me just say that it’s awesome!! Once I installed it, I was able to activate a bunch of other applications and I freed up even more space and my computer was running super smooth. I was impressed.

So how do you use it? First, go to their download page and click on Winapp2.ini. You can download the file directly here. In IE, it asks if you want to save or open it, so click on Save. This will save it to the downloads folder. In other browsers, it might just open the file in the browser. Then you have to right-click and choose Save As. Make sure you save it as “Winapp2.ini” and that it’s not saved as a text file.

You can tell if you saved it correctly by going to Explorer and seeing the Type for the file:

ccleaner extension

Note that it says Configuration settings for the file type and not Text Document. Once you have saved it, you need to move the file to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\CCleaner

Make sure that CCleaner is close at this point. Now go ahead and open CCleaner and click on the Applications tab. It’ll take about 15 to 30 seconds to load since there are a lot of entries in the file. What’s cool about this version of the file is that it will detect what entries in the file match what you have on your system and only show you those options. Previously, it used to show you all the options, which would be hundreds of options that you might not need.

My set of entries went from this:

ccleaner applications

To having all of these extra entries dealing with Windows 7, Java, etc. Note that it didn’t load all the other entries for programs I don’t have installed!

ccleaner addons

Awesome! All of the extra options are disabled by default, so you can manually check the ones you want to include. This is nice as previously it used to check everything and you had to spend a lot of time clearing out stuff you didn’t want to delete.

If you don’t want to do all this manual work of downloading the file, installing it in the proper directory, etc, you can download a program called CCEnhancer. CCEnhancer will automatically download the latest version of the file for you and install it in the proper directory. Note that this file is updated very often, so the program is nice if you don’t want to keep manually updating the file.


Overall, CCleaner has always been one of my favorite utilities for keeping my Windows machine clean and efficient. Now with these add-ons, it’s absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

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  1. Ditto what Robert said; thanks for the great walkthrough and the mention of CCEnhancer :)

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