Add Tags to Files in Windows XP using TaggedFrog

If you have ever used Vista, you probably noticed that you can tag files to make it easier to find the files you are looking for. You’re probably already familiar with tags if you have ever used a photo management tool like Picasa or Flickr.

For example, in Windows Vista, you can tag files using multiple different methods. If you right-click on a file, like a Word document, choose Properties, and choose Details, you can enter in the meta tag in the Tags field.

add tags to files

You can add as many tags as you like to describe your document. You can also add tags to a file in Vista when you are saving a document:

vista tag files

Later on, if you want to find a particular file and you don’t remember the file name, you can search by tag.

tag files vista

So this is great if you have Vista, but what if you are still running Windows XP? Unfortunately, there is no in-built way to tag files in Windows XP. But that’s not a problem!

TaggedFrog is a free program for Windows that you can use to tag just about any kind of file on your computer system, including documents, images, links, bookmarks, and more.

tag files windows xp

Using this nifty little program, you can properly organize your files on Windows XP quickly and easily. The great thing about tagging is that it saves you from having to come up with a very organized file and directory structure. If you’re like me and you dump files all over the place, it can become a real pain to find them later on!

For us lazy folk, this program is perfect. To get started, just click Add Items and start choosing files to tag. Once you start tagging files, you will see your tags show up in a tag cloud.

tag cloud

You can click on a tag to see how many files are tagged or to view the files that have been tagged. The other nice feature of this program, which makes it a LOT easier to use, is that it allows you to drag and drop files from Explorer or your web browser into the program.

I could not imagine trying to tag all the files on my computer one at a time, but with the ability to drag and drop multiple files at once, it makes the process a lot quicker. You can also just drag a bunch of files and drop it onto a keyword in the tag cloud to tag the files.

The program also has a “Scan and Tag” feature which lets you tag files using predefined rules. You specify the path to scan, the search mask, and the list of tags to apply to the matching files. Again, another nifty way to tag a large number of files quickly.

Overall, it’s a cool program and one that is really useful if you are using Windows XP! Give it a shot and see what you think! Enjoy! [via Shell Extension City]

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