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If you download a lot of files from the internet, you may want to try WinMd5Sum Portable. It is a tool that allows you to verify that the files you download are unaltered so you can be sure you are getting the original file.

An MD5 sum is a cryptographic hash used to verify the integrity of files. So, when you download a file, you can check what the publisher says the MD5 sum is and compare it to the MD5 sum of the file you have. WinMd5Sum Portable provides an easy, portable way to check MD5 sums when using any Windows computer.

Download WinMd5Sum Portable from

WinMd5Sum Portable can be installed to and run from a USB flash drive or your computer’s hard drive. Once you have installed the program, double-click the winMd5Sum.exe file to open the program.

WinMd5Sum Portable files in Explorer

On the winMd5Sum window, click the button next to the File Name edit box to select a file for which you want to check the MD5 sum.

Browsing for a file

On the Open dialog box, navigate to where you saved the file you downloaded, select it, and click Open.

Opening a file to check its MD5 sum

The MD5 sum of the selected file is calculated immediately and displayed in the MD5 Sum box.

MD5 sum calculated

To compare MD5 sums, go to the site from which you downloaded the file and find the MD5 hash or check sum. WinMd5Sum Portable is available on who publishes the MD5 sums for all its apps.

The MD5 Hash for winMd5Sum Portable

Copy the MD5 hash from the website and paste it into the Compare edit box. Click the Compare button.

Comparing MD5 sums

If the MD5 hash you copied from the website matches the MD5 hash calculated from the file you downloaded, a dialog box displays telling you they are the same.

MD5 sums are the same

Otherwise, if they are different, a dialog box informs you of that fact.

MD5 sums are different

Click OK in either case above to return to the winMd5Sum main window. If the hash codes were different, you can try to copy and paste the number again and compare the number again. If the numbers are still different, you should delete the file you downloaded and try to either download it again or find it on a different site. The file you downloaded may have been altered.

Click Exit to close the program.

Exiting winMd5Sum Portable

For more information about MD5 sums, see the Wikipedia page:

by Lori Kaufman

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