Installing New Themes For SMPlayer

In GNOME Linux, the default media player is called Totem.  It uses either the GStreamer or Xine backends, and with the appropriate plugins, will play practically anything you throw at it.  Still, some people prefer a very powerful commandline program called MPlayer, and a slick frontend to MPlayer, called SMPlayer, exists as well, for Windows and Linux users who want a GUI application.

SMPlayer uses Qt to draw its interface, so it will blend in nicely no matter what Gtk theme you use (in Linux).  The icons, however, are another matter.  SMPlayer comes with its own icon sets, and depending on what system theme you choose, it might not always blend in nicely.

For instance, this is the default SMPlayer icon set.

Default Icons Standard GUI

SMPlayer also includes a Mini GUI, which makes it much sleeker, but the shiny icons are still visible.

Default Icons Mini GUI

As mentioned, SMPlayer also includes a number of icon sets, including NNoia, Oxygen, Tango and more.  Here is the GNOME Icon set using the default GUI.

GNOME Icons Standard GUI

And here is SMPlayer’s Mini GUI, using the GNOME Icon set.

GNOME Icons Mini GUI

As you can see, SMPlayer is very flexible in how it presents its interface.  Still, there are any number of icon sets available.  Maybe you use one of the Gnome Colors sets (Gnome Brave, Gnome Wise, Gnome Human, etc.), or AwOken, a slick silver/gray monochromatic icon set.  In those instances, SMPlayer will still stick out a bit.

Thankfully, SMPlayer does allow you to install your own icon sets.  Head to Deviantart or Gnome-Look and search for SMPlayer and you should come up with a handful of options.  However, SMPlayer doesn’t provide a simple way to install these new icon themes from within the program itself.  Fortunately, the process isn’t that difficult.

Download An Icon Theme For SMPlayer

Let’s say you use AwOken as your icon theme.  You can download it from either or, as well as view a preview image.  Here’s what Docky looks like when using the AwOken icon theme:

Awoken Preview

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that same look with SMPlayer?  As it turns out, you can.  Head over to this page and download it.

The Wolfe SMPlayer skin uses AwOken style icons.  Simply click the download link.

Download Theme

When it downloads, extract the folder to your Desktop, or somewhere else easy to find.  We’re now ready to install it.

Install the SMPlayer Icon Theme

There’s not much to installing a new icon theme for SMPlayer.  First, open a Terminal.

Open Terminal

When the Terminal has opened, ‘cd’ to the directory where your extracted theme is.  If you saved it to your Desktop, you would type the following:

cd /home/username/Desktop

Note: replace “username” with your own username.

Now, we just need to move the theme folder to where SMPlayer keeps the rest of its built-in themes.  The following command will do the trick:

sudo mv SmWolfe/ /usr/share/smplayer/themes/

Enter your password at the prompt (if asked), and the theme will disappear from your Desktop and will now be available for use.

Selecting a New SMPlayer Theme

Now we just need to tell SMPlayer we want to use the new theme.  To do this, first open SMPlayer.

Open SMPlayer

To navigate to the preferences, click the Options menu, then choose Preferences.

Navigate To Preferences

The newly-installed theme can now be found in the Interface section, in the Icon set menu.

Icon Set Menu In Interface Tab

Select the theme you want, then click the Apply button.

Choose Theme and Click Apply

And that’s it!  Assuming you selected a theme that matches your desktop icon theme, SMPlayer should now blend in perfectly.

SMPlayer with New Theme

Unfortunately, SMPlayer doesn’t have a theme available for every possible icon set out there.  Still, there are enough built-in themes available, plus themes that other people have assembled, that you should – at the very least – be able to come quite close.  And until SMPlayer can adapt automatically to your system theme, that’s about as good as it gets.

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