Setup T-mobile Blackberry as modem to access the Internet from your PC

For a mysterious reason T-mobile never tell their blackberry customers that they can use the blackberry device as a modem to access the Internet from a laptop or PC. But as you are about to read the blackberry can be actually configured to be a modem to connect to the Internet using the laptop.

This can be easily done using the T-mobile DASH ( Check link Below) but on the blackberry there are some configurations you need to do. Please note that I have tested this on a T-mobile blackberry Curve, Perl, and blackberry 8800. But from what I have read, the procedure is almost the same for blackberry users with different carriers.

How to Setup Internet Sharing on T-Mobile Dash

To successfully connect to the Internet on your laptop using the blackberry as a modem, you need to have the Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed on your computer, and be connected to the blackberry.

Blackberry software

Then right Click on My Computer and go to Manage. once you get to the Computer Management console, click on Device Manager. click on the + sign, next to the Modems icon:

Device Manager Modems

Right-click on Standard Modem and go to Properties. ( if you don’t see the standard modem on the list, you need to create one. leave a comment to give you the instructions)

When the modem property window comes up, click on the Advanced tab and type the following command on the Extra settings window:


Click OK and close out of all the windows.  Now, right-click on My Networking Places icon and go to properties, when the network connections window comes up, click on Create a new connection:

Networks Connections

Follow the wizard. click next on the following window. choose Connect to the Internet on the following screen. choose Setup my connection manually on the next screen.   select Connect using a dial-up Modem, and click next .

On the next screen, choose the modem we configured above:

Windows XP modem

Once the Standard Modem is checked, click on Next. On the next screen type Blackberry Modem as the ISP name. Click Next. As a phone number type *99# on the next screen. Choose to use the connection for yourself only, click next.

On the next screen, uncheck, Make this the default Internet connection, and click next. click Finish on the following screen. As soon as you click on the Finish button, the connect the blackberry modem should come up:

Connect Blackberry modem

Click on the Properties button on the window above. then click on the Networking tab, then make sure the Internet Protocol TCP/IP option is selected, and click on Properties:

Blackberry Modem Properties

On the following Window click on the Advanced tab. Uncheck Use IP Header Compression under the PPP link option:

Advanced TCP/IP settings

Once that is unchecked, click on OK and exit out of all the windows. To connect to the Internet using the blackberry as the modem, go to Start, Connect to and choose Blackberry Modem when the dialing window comes up: click on dial without any username or password.

The modem should connect successfully. Let us know on the comments section if you have any problem.

  1. craig says:

    doesn't work for vista

  2. jules orias says:

    when i try to dial,it errors and says that remote control does not respond,wat shud i do?

  3. Nelson says:

    Jules, What blackberry model are you using?

  4. Derek says:

    When I try to connect to the internet using internet explorer I get an error message in the browser that says "http error:$code$



    Can someone help me figure out what I did wrong?

  5. Patrick says:

    after it starts dialing, message says "validating user id and password" then says "error 734: the PPP control protocol was terminated."

    I cleared the "Enable LCP extensions" box and i get the same result.

    thanks in advance for your help.

  6. Nelson says:

    Patrick, have you uncheck the option "Use IP Header Compression under the PPP link"?

  7. zhelu says:

    i m getting this msg too.

    error 500 internal sever error

    http error:$code$



    any1 know how to fix it?

  8. zeno23 says:

    works fine on vista, but you have to leave the desktop manager turned on for the connection to be established successfully.

  9. jose says:

    I receive the following message when trying to connect " Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device) Is there anything special I need to do to my Blackberry to make this work? I have tried this with and without the desktop manager running and the error is the same.

  10. jose says:

    I resolved my issue and I am able to connect but the web pages will not load. I have tried several diferent pages but none of them seem to work. on the lower left hand side of teh page it says "website found waiting for reply….)

  11. Kyle says:

    I can't get it to work on vista either..

  12. Chris says:

    I get error msg:




    Please help

  13. Tom Lykens says:

    Greeetings Tech Person:

    …have an HP Pavilion Laptop trying to use the Blackberry as a modem….I do not have the "Standard Modem" and have been trying to use the "Standard 56000bps Modem" instead…..Error Message 692. Pretty sure I've got the rest of it configured correctly….been at for a couple of days now..but of yet have not been able to connect.

    How do I add a "Standard Modem" setting to the HP.


    Tom Lykens

  14. Jen says:

    Hi – I get error message 692 – hardware failure. Can you please provide ideas to fix?

    Thanks – Jen

  15. JimmyV says:

    I did everything but get Error 633: The modem (or other connecting devices is already in use or is not configured properly. What should I do? Thanks.

  16. Michele says:

    Works great with Vista. Thanks!

  17. MrChris says:

    One problem I found with these instructions is that where you list the extra settings in the modem advanced tab as +cgdcont=1,"IP","", there is a space between the quotation mark and When I tried it that way, the connection would not work. When I removed the space between the " and, everything worked great. Thanks!

  18. John says:

    Hi All,

    I have a Nokia E61i with blackberry services enabled on it and the GPRS services as well.

    I loaded the Nokia PC Suite on my laptop. Connected my Mobile handset to the laptop with the data cable.

    Opened the Nokia PC SUite and selected the Connect to Internet Icon. In the Connect to Internet window, click on Settings and configure the Mobile service provider and other details.

    Once sone click on the Connect Button in the "Connect to Internet" window of the Nokia PC Suite. This was i was able to connect internet and had an average speed.

  19. sniperwood says:

    i m getting this msg too.

    error 500 internal sever error

    http error:$code$



    any1 know how to fix it?

  20. tasheka says:


    I cannot find my standard modem, could you tell me how to create one? Thanks.

  21. Steven says:

    Followed instructions to the letter. (Well written by the way.) Worked one time. Subsequent tries everything goes as planned but while waiting for "Verfying username and password" after a long wait, it times out and gives me an error.

    Blackberry Curve 8320, T-Mobile, Dell. Have no trouble connecting computer to Blackberry and sync works fine.

    Any ideas? This function would be very beneficial to my business.

  22. jkandrew says:

    I'm also getting the error 692: hardware failure. What's the secret?

  23. Lail says:

    I tried it once and was successful. I could browse the web. However, I got "kick out" (disconnect) after 3 hours. I then tried to reconnect but I could never get it worked. After it dialed in, it just kept verifying the login and password and then gave me a response said "server is not responding". I restarted my pc and the same error occurred. Does anyone have the same problem?

  24. vijay says:

    We did follow the above procedure with regards to 734 error in windows Xp however I'am finding the same error if i want to connect to the internet using my blackberry how to go about this?

  25. Lostnode says:

    I allready have a standard modem in the list

    now what lol

  26. whoanesschic says:

    i can't find the Standard Modem on the list of Modems on the Device Manager. How do I create one?

  27. jo says:

    I also am getting the error on tmobile:




  28. taneeshag says:

    I don't see standard modem, how do I create one?

  29. mrberryuser says:

    is there anything that can make them faster? im using 8900 blackberry as a modem in my baracks for my laptop, but i cant do much like gaming and such, its really slow. Some advice would be much appreciated. I heard there is something you can buy to make the services twice as fast, is this true and what is it?

  30. claudiap519 says:


    I am using a blackberry pearl 8120, plz help!


  31. kc says:

    I have 8900 had it connected, was working before,but now I have an error saying" internet connectivity was unsucessful"

  32. AJ says:

    I have vista,and the last step I can't seem to find.It says uncheck the user IP header but there is no such choice. Help pleeeeaaasseee!

  33. Ray says:

    Great Instructions!!!

    Help!!! My 8900 connected (T-Mobile) on first try. Then, disconnected. When I try to reconnect, I get "Verifying username and password" ERROR: 718 The connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a timely manner. For further assistance….

  34. Deb says:

    You start your article by saying "T-mobile never tell their blackberry customers that they can use the blackberry device as a modem" — not true, I upgraded to a blackberry BECAUSE T-Mobile told me I could use it as a modem. My 2200 worked great on Windows XP. I just bought a new laptop with Vista, and I'm going to try it tonight.

    If anyone is having difficulty, I suggest you call 611 and have a T-Mobile rep talk you through it. I have always found them to have thorough, accurate documentation and they won't miss a step.

  35. 4rnajera says:

    I do not have a standard modem (or any modem) listed as my PC doesn't have a modem. Is there a way I can load the standard modem? Thanks in advance for advice.

  36. +cgdcont=1,”IP”,””


  37. Merry says:

    So far it works! Thanks for the great walk through advice. I hope I don't get slammed with data charges, though tmob tells me I have unlimited data plan.

  38. merry says:

    This was very helpful, and like many on here it worked the first time, and after that I can't get the past the dial-up- anyone resolve this issue? I was so excited this worked but can't figure out why it only worked once…. thanks in advance.

  39. Ben says:

    I can not get this to work and I have followed all the directions. I get the following error:

    ERROR 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly. I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100. Can anyone help? Please respond.

  40. kcchirwa says:

    the settings havent worked on my blackberry 8310. my computer has vista. and some of the features you mention in the set up guide do not appear when setting internet connection in vista. how do i proceed?

  41. pintomauricio says:

    I don’t see standard modem, how do I create one?

  42. GIO says:




  43. JB says:

    Works fine….T-Mobile needs to share this info with all it's customers!

  44. rbharel says:

    Connects. But it gives a message saying "You need to subscribe to data plan."

    O/s – Windows Home PRemium

    Blackberry – 8320 from T-Mobile

  45. morganna says:

    Called T-mobile today (prior to reading this) and they assured me that the Blackberry could function as a modem and they would send me the instructions for setting it up. Haven't received instructions – so found this site. Did not work with Windows Vista. Error 692.

  46. morganna says:

    Update – I did get it to work. In the instructions above I misread the initialization string: +c… I thought the first letter was an E. It is a C. No problem using it now. Here is the direct link from RIM on instructions for Vista as well.… 0 1132277

  47. regina says:

    hi i am also getting the hardware error. please help. thanks a lot!!

  48. 11frogs says:

    I have Vista and the 8900 Curve and it works perfectly.

  49. maffia says:

    I get error 734 ppp connection ended

  50. jgoldtho says:

    works great if you don't copy and paste the command +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”” into the advanced tab – you need to replace the Quotes and make sure there is no space between the " and if you copy the command in the advanced tab then replace the quotes and remove the space it should all work…

  51. Barb says:

    I do not have a standard modem listed. How do I add it?

    This worked last week, but does not work this week. Can you tell me why?

  52. Val says:

    extra initialisation string proper format is:


    it seems that you had an extra space before " wat..

    and a different type of quote marks.

    Just copy a fixed string above and it works!

  53. thatfreakinguy2 says:

    Chances are if you copied the +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”” string straight from this website and pasted it your quotation marks were screwed up (mine looked like double hyphen marks). Delete them as I did and insert quotation marks in the appropriate spaces.

  54. Jur'at says:

    I tried to set up connection, BB8900 as a modem with my laptop, (HP, XP) I did almost everything. /with space, without space and so on…/. Same error, Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other competing device). Don't know what to do??? Need help???

  55. Greg says:

    GOT IT!

    That 692 error is caused by those quotes. The ones that you cut and pace will not work you have to replace them with new quotes.

    I know the solution has been posted above but I just wanted to restate it. I had got rid of the space but had to replace the ” for " as they are different charectors.

    Thanks this is fn great

  56. Heather B says:

    Thank u so much for these instructions. With my last phone it was just a simple button to hit on the phone so I was having problems with figuring out how to do this with the BB…

  57. TishaRene says:

    Awesome!!! I had some difficulties at first, but I am up and running now. Thanks for your help.

  58. Shanks says:

    Recent info emailed from T-Mobile themselves,

    To set up the Modem

    1. On the computer, click Start, Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options.

    2. Click on the Modems tab.

    * Note: If this is the first time opening Phone and Modem Options, a prompt to enter the Area Code will come up. Enter the area code, click Ok.

    3. Click Standard Modem.

    4. Click Properties.

    5. Click the Advanced tab.

    6. In the Extra Initialization Command box type at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""

    * Note: Use in the init string if does not work.

    7. Click OK, then OK again to return to the Control Panel.

    To set up the connection

    1. On the computer, click Start, Control Panel, Network Connections.

    2. Click on Create a new connection.

    * The New Connection Wizard will appear,

    3. Click Next.

    4. Select Connect to the internet.

    5. Click Next.

    6. Select Setup my connection manually.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Select Connect using a Dial-Up Modem.

    9. Click Next.

    10. Ensure that Standard Modem is the only modem selected, click Next.

    * Note: This screen only comes up if there is more than one modem

    11. In the ISP Name box enter T-Mobile.

    12. Click Next.

    13. In the Phone Number box enter *99#.

    14. Click Next.

    15. Leave the Username and Password blank and leave other options as is, click Next.

    16. Check the box that says Create a shortcut on the desktop.

    17. Click Finish.

    18. On the Dialup Connection window click Dial to connect.

  59. The instructions are now online:

    as well as the new Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 which includes automatic IP modem setup! the link for downloading BBDM 5.0.1:

    and select it off the drop-down list. Do not call into T-Mobile anymore on this as their policy has changed and they will not troubleshoot this issue.

  60. roro78 says:

    I need the instructions to create a standard modem, because its not apearing in my computor.

    thank you!

  61. Auctin says:

    I have a blackberry cell and i have the internet hooked up to it. i have a usb cord to my laptop and i was told that i could acess the internet on my laptop through the cell phone, i.e use the cell phone as a modem.

    But when i called t mobile they told me yes but i had to go to their web page and do it. i cant get to it, all i get is you. so i am wondering if you can help me hook up to the internet so i can use the cell phone as a modem and i dont have to squint and hope i hit the right keys when i am surfing the web. thanks ;o)

  62. james says:

    worked great first time thanks!!!!

  63. catsw1964 says:

    Hey guys, this is info for EVERYONE!! I do know that if u just unplug ur usb cable from computer or phone without actually right clicking & telling it to "Disconnect", the phone will lose DRIVERS & u won't be able to connect anymore! U will need to turn phone off & remove battery and try again! AND, another hint is that u DO have to leave Desktop mgr open to make it work!

    The Person who said that your screen says CONNECTING or VERIFYiNG & CONNECTING …. I had that SAME problem & went in & edited my MODEM SPEED, (upped) it & it went right on to the site. T Mobile said it had to have the extra boost to open up!!! ???

  64. ptuf says:

    I need the instructions to create a standard modem for Windows XP.

    thank you!

  65. KAYN says:

    I get error message 692. How do I add a Standard Modem?

  66. KAYN says:

    I am still waiting for instructions on how to create Standard Modem.

  67. troublebug says:

    I did the steps but I get error 777 the connection attept failed cuz modem on the remote computer is out of order. how do I fix this. Please email me so I can get online.

  68. Natt says:

    I cannot find "standard modem". How do I set it?

  69. elawsjr says:

    I followed all the steps to setting up my phone as a modem. It still won't connect. I really need this to happen so that I can get online to do my homework.

  70. douglas says:

    How do I get a 692 error fixed

  71. mike31larry says:

    692 error / we should all call tmobile an let them know that a answer hasn't been found and blackberry charges to talk to a person !

  72. Jung3lSky says:

    how do you creat a standard modem?

  73. gloria sullivan says:

    I keep receiving an error message stating error 777: the connection attempt failed because the modem or other connecting device on the remote computer is out of order…cand someone please help me so I can access the internet

  74. armando says:

    I gat blackberry 8320 I'm getting the error 692 there was a hardware failure can you pleaes tell me how to fix it ? Thanks

  75. size4shoe says:

    Thanks! Worked perfectly the first time with tmobile blackberry curve and windows xp home on an old compaq c. 2000

  76. size4shoe says:

    For those whose connections worked once, ensure your bb is connected to desktop. This seems obvious, but I needed to open bb desktop manager to connect bb to desktop before I could dial in again.

  77. Joe says:


    I have a Blackberry 8520 and it was working fine as a modem up till a few weeks ago when I bought a new computer. I was shocked to have t mobile tell me that they would no longer help me get set up. I have run through all the step by step instructions on the pc but I continue to get error message 632. I believe that my phone needs to have an adjustment also but I cant remember what it was. If someone who is using this phone and set up can help, I would really appreciate your time. Email or call me at 760 643 7758. It is urgent that I get back on line for my business.

    thank you

  78. mromyr says:

    How do I create a standard modem??

  79. Jack says:

    i'm trying to use my new Blackberry 9700 as a modem for my new Sony laptop which uses Windows 7 Home Premium. Your instructions worked well through the modem property window (+cgdcont=1………………………), but after that I can't find the icon, windows etc. you outlined. I presume the terminology and location have changed with Windows 7. Is there any update or translation for Windows 7? Thanks.

    Jack R

  80. kjwhite says:

    i went through process and i keep getting errpr 692, and another one saying no dial tone. im on xp with a 8320. now my phone cuts off when i hook it to usb cord please help

  81. blackberry Curve says:

    I tried it on my laptop and it worked but I dont see standard modem appearing on my PC how to get the standard modem on my PC

  82. Karina says:

    Awesome i do it with my blackberry curve 8520 and windows vista more difficult but almost the same!!! Thanks!!

  83. Netta says:

    Thanks soooo much I am using my blackberry on my desktop and my laptop some things were different with the desktop but they both work perfectly.

  84. rick says:

    i just got a blackberry curve and an acer aspire laptop with windows 7. i was missing some windows on last part of fix but figured it out. thanks!!! sucks that t-mobile wont help after selling stuff on false premises.

  85. pop fly says:

    I was abble to connect once but not anymore. I got an error 31 tcp/ip and a 733 tcp/ipv6. Any ideas

  86. j7clarke says:

    THat was awesome!!! It worked for me and i used a Blackberry Curve 8900 and Windows 7.

    Make sure there is no space between the parenthesis and W. on wap

    For example: +cgdcont=1,”IP”,””

  87. beebeegreen says:

    "Device Manager Modems

    Right-click on Standard Modem and go to Properties. ( if you don’t see the standard modem on the list, you need to create one. leave a comment to give you the instructions)"

    How do i create the standard modem i do not have one??

  88. beebeegreen says:

    I don't have the "standard modem" under in the computer management window. How do i create one??

  89. ALPINE310 says:

    Hey i hav a question? Will it work for the blackberry bold on tmobile carrier, cuz im thinkin bout gettin one.

  90. rclalex says:

    can you please show me how to create a standard modem. my computer does not have one.


  91. mssweetmi says:

    I followed step by step and I was connected to the internet with my 8700g but now it will not let me back on when I dial up it says problem with modem. I got disconnected when my phone rung,please help me I am not going to be able to sleep until I get this connected! You are fabulous for this help. Thanks in advanced Mimi

  92. trereid says:

    How do I create a standard modem

  93. jilly1025 says:

    i have windows 7 and i cant get to work can someone please email and help me

  94. laurareyna1 says:

    What do I do when code 692 comes up

  95. angelito says:

    Worked great. I'm using the 8900 using windows 7 was a lil different but I figured it out. BBDesktop needs to be open in order for it to work if its closed you'll get an error.

  96. Jya1630 says:

    I can't get my tether to work. I have a Blackberry 9700 using T-Mobile and a Sony PC E Series with the Window's 7 Home Premium software. Help please.

  97. NetForeverOften says:

    The Desktop Manager has to be installed for your phone to appear as a Standard Modem in Windows. But don't use it to create the connection because it doesn't do it right. Once DM is installed you don't need to run it–just plug in your phone. Then follow the instructions Shanks posted except you'll also need to go into the TCP/IP advanced settings of the connection and disable IP Header Compression. After that, just plug in the phone and connect… no DM needed!

  98. Roberto A Bonaldi says:

    Unbelievable how many people like to get things "for free". What will happen when too many free riders make the networks collapse? Oh, I know. They will whine and sue the carriers!

  99. towergod2004 says:

    I just downloaded tether for my blackberry curve on the boostmobile network. it works like a dream. Its easy to use you just start it on your computer and phone and it automatically connects up. i dont know if it will will on the other networks or not ……..good luck

  100. yary says:

    cuando dicen q right click en my cumputer y todo eso q t dicen q presiones el + en modems….. pues modem no aparece en mi laptop

  101. booboo says:

    What about mac?

  102. jesus soriano says:

    i dont know how to creat a standard modem. i have windows xp 32-bit, im trying to connect to the internet using my blackberry as a modem and is telling me error 797

  103. Revdiamonddan says:

    Hello hope you can help me .. I got a t-mobile 8520 blackberry . And I was using it as a modem for my laptop.. About 3 weeks ago my hard drive went ka-put .. Needless to say there went everything . Tmobile walked me throught getting it installed . But now for some crazy or stupid reason they stopped helping yoiu and left you and threw there customers under the bus .. I need you to help me to onstall a standard modem .. I've been raching my brains all day trying to install blackberry as a modem .. About to throw laptop and blackberry both under the bus if you know what I mean .. Be very grateful if uyou can help me eince tmobile has decided to stop helpong us like a bad habit .. Thank you and God bless .. Dan..

  104. Runway1007 says:

    Hi –
    My husband and I each have the Blackberry Curve 8320. Mine connects as the modem on dell/vista with no issue. (Great step by step instructions posted by the way)

    His however is getting the error message ' 692 there was a hardware failure '.

    Any suggestion as to why I can't get his to connect?


  105. rmoore says:

    Hey runway1007,

    Don't you love those cryptic error messages?

    I know that 692 error would make you think you have a hardware problem and of course, it is possible that you do but while hardware failures can and do occur, I'd be looking at software myself first. Particularly software device drivers. Most hardware requires software of some type to operate properly on a cell phone and if the software is corrupt, missing or just out of date, you can get a message making you think it is the hardware when it likely isn't.

    If you're familiar with the software on your phone, I would reload the device drivers for the BB. You probably have the BB desktop manager software but if I were you, I'd go to and in the middle of the page, you'll see where you can download BB device software. This will update the software version you have on your BB and this might be all you need to do to get up and working. I would give that a try first and then go back through the steps in the article to see if you can get it working. Good luck!

  106. angel bug says:

    OMG! Thank you so much! It worked!! T-mobile would not help me. I cannot thank you enough. I was going to cancel service today.

  107. crazytosha says:

    ok for those of you that have a blackberry bold and At&T you do just about everything that it says here except a little diffrent. You go through and go to phone and modem options but when you go to put the txt in the box try cgdcont=1."IP"ISP.CINGULAR instead and then when you go to set it up for the number to dial enter *99***#1 instead of the regular *99. This is what i had to do and mine works perfectly but you still have to go threw and unclick the PPP settings. Hope this helps if not then your just going to have to keep on surfing and trying diffrent things till you get it to work, thats what i had to do. Best of luck.

  108. jeannebiever says:

    I have been using my BB as my modem since May 2010, I first started with my netbook and now a laptop. I have had several issues, but seem to get them resolved. Today however my laptop received an error with the ppp link and would not connect, it still has not been resolved. I'm sure it's something simple since it worked 4 hours ago and my netbook also works. Ihave only one other issue to discuss which is when I purchased my BB and told them at T-mobile of my plans to use it as a modem, they wrote down all the info I needed instead of telling me they don't support it. Which on one website it clearly states they stopped supporting this in October of 2009. That is what upsets me that they didn't tell me up front. I have a wonderful "geek" program I highly recommend called" IYOGI "you can call or contact them many ways, as many times you like and it doesn't matter how long it takes they fix it!! I hope the rest of you get your problems resolved and like IYOGI says "GOOD KARMA"

  109. giorgio says:

    i dont have the standard modem settings, can u help me configure it?

  110. pramod says:

    I don’t have the standard modem settings. Can you help me configure it?

  111. Alma says:

    I need the instructions to add the modem, please.

  112. HikingStick says:

    One thing to note is that most of the recent Windows OSes will automatically try to fill the connection box with the username of the account you used to log onto the computer. Even if you remove your username, it re-populates after the connection fails and you try to reconnect. You have to blank the username field (and the password field) and then check the box to save your settings when you try to connect. After that, it should not re-populate.

    I was very surprised to learn that some people actually learned about the service through T-Mobile. I oversee accounts for my employer, and I've been asking them about tethering for over a year (most recently, just three weeks ago). Each time, I've been told that tethering (using the BlackBerry as an Internet gateway) is not an option. That's one reason why we've switched a number of our mobile accounts to Verizon. Anyway, my initial tests after finding this site were successful.

    By the way, if you download and install the newest version of BlackBerry Desktop (6.0 or newer) the main screen gives the option of setting up the connection in the lower left corner ("Mobile Internet"). It set up all the modem and connection strings correctly, but I still had to clear the PPP header checkbox and had to remove my username from the connection screen. Otherwise, it made quick work of everything.

  113. shai says:

    Hi. I followed the steps. Thanks, it was great but it only worked once (Blackberry Curve 8520, Windows 7, Desktop Manager 5.0).

    Now when I fiddle around it does say connected, but says no internet access as well. I changed to how it was (also with dialing rules) now it says error 777, and on Blackberry, it says "Supplementary service error unexpected data value."

    I then changed the dial code from *99# to *99***1# but the same thing happens.

    Please help. I am on MTN (SOUTH AFRICA)

    Thanks! Email me: shaigovender at yahoo dot com

  114. bebo94 says:

    I did every thing right, but when it dials, it comes out error 692. What should I do now?

  115. oigy says:

    It doesn't work on Windows Vista. Is there an other way for Vista?

  116. superiorelectronics1 says:

    It worked for about one week, but now I'm getting an error message saying the PPP link protocol has been terminated.

    How can I correct this problem?

  117. brianroeh says:

    A rude awakening! As I fired up a new laptop when the old went bad, I called for T-Mobile support after I downloaded the desktop manager. My call was to have them assist me in my dial-up connection, in which my existing data plan for 2 years now allowed tethering and gave me Internet to go.

    T-Mobile will not allow free tethering any more. They have made it a (Supported Feature) adding tech support and trouble shooting. Brace yourself, now $14.99 per month. My plan the last 2 years has been about $90.00 a month. Now I have to pay $105.00, an approximate 18.5% increase in my monthly statement. Just like that, we now have big issues. I have been with them for 5 years, living with dropped calls because of the price. But will not at $105.00 a month.

  118. dee says:

    I can connect my modem OK, but I can't load any page.

    Help, please.

  119. Tyler says:

    Greg Said,
    October 5th, 2009 @9:20 am

    GOT IT!
    That 692 error is caused by those quotes. The ones that you cut and pace will not work you have to replace them with new quotes.

    Greg, you are the Man!!! Thank you. I have searched for hours, and re-installed the Desktop Manager 2x. I had no idea that my new version of XP would behave differently, than before.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  120. MEYER says:

    Hi, I did everything step by step but I get Error 692:

    There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other

    connecting device).

    Can you please help..???


  121. natalie says:

    I've got a bb curve and windows 7, but everything seems to differ from your instructions? Please assist me with this! Thank you!!!!

  122. jannie says:

    I did everything. My blackberry is connected and all. But when I open the web browser ot doesn't want to load any websites. What must I do? Plz help

  123. ekans says:

    Pliz help I'm using a curve 8520 and windows 7 when it says "registering your comp computer on the network I thought It was gonna work but an error 734 comes up :te ppp link control protocol was terminated. Pliz guys I need ur help thanks in advance

  124. brown says:

    I tried for almost a week now. And still I can’t win coz it keeps on saying code error 692. Can somebody pls help me, coz it’s fraustrating.

  125. thys says:

    I have followed the steps untill internet connection but after that there is not a select a device window

  126. harry says:

    Geeeeez! I've read this entire article and still didn spot any advice on the Error 734:The PPP link control protocol was terminated !!!!!!

    May someone PLEEEEEASE instruct me on this error #IBEG

  127. RSG says:

    BB: Bold 9780

    Carrier: T-mobile

    Current speed on 3G: 115 kbps (good enough for basic surfing)

    Instructions worked like a charm on first try.

    Nice second option when wifi is not available on my laptop.

    Thanks for posting.

  128. wafidouy says:

    Hi I’m gétting a 734 error and it has nothing to do with the connection because other blackberrys are connecting fine to it so I want to know ho to repair my bb modem beacause I know it is the modem and not the conn so plzz help on this situation…its a bb 8320

  129. silky1975 says:

    Thank you

  130. ldevlin says:

    hi..just got a bb curve and cannot connect with my acer laptop using usb. my network is 02…can u help??

  131. dj x says:

    I use microsot windows 7, and l have BB curve 8520.. When triying to connect error 692 always pops up. Help me out please!

  132. brenda says:

    Hi there I don’t have standard modem installed on my laptop pls let me know how to create one thanks

  133. Flea says:

    If you have a Blackberry but don’t see Virtual Machine Network Services…How can you put that in that Networking properties box.

  134. leticia says:

    Hello I followed all the instructions. Where in the pc are you referring to ” go to Start, Connect to and choose Blackberry Modem”


  135. John Efe says:

    I tried the setting in ur web site page on my Blackberry verizon wireless 9630 and it worked. It worked…

  136. vonkelly says:

    How do I set up this on my samsung galaxy note 8.0 tablet?

    Pleease help :)!!! Thanks

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