Use Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome Web Browser

I have always found it annoying having to use multiple browsers to sign into several Google accounts. I’ve also found it annoying that I had to install add-ons and extensions in browsers like Firefox to get it to work properly.

Personally, I like to use Google Chrome and none of the other browsers. In every other browser, you have to install some kind of add-on or extension to sign into multiple Google accounts in the same browser. Luckily, with recent versions of Google Chrome, this is now a built in feature!

I have no idea when it was released, but I just found it while playing around in the settings for Chrome. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to set it up and show you how it works.

Using Chrome with Multiple Users

To get started, click on the Wrench icon and then click on Settings.

chrome settings

Now click on Add new user at the bottom under Users.

Chrome users

It’ll pop up a new instance of Google Chrome and ask you to sign in:

Welcome to chrome

Once you enter your email and password, you’ll see it says you are now signed into Chrome. You’ll also notice another big change: a big icon sitting at the top right of your browser window:

chrome users icon

When you click on it, you can see the list of users. Now in Chrome on PC, the icon shows up at the far left instead of the far right. When you click on the icon, you’ll see a list of users. By default, if you haven’t customized anything, it’ll call the original user First user and it’ll just create a random name for the second user, Sneaky or AgentX or some other random name.

If you go back to Settings in Chrome, click on the (Current) user and then click on the Edit button.

edit chrome user

Now you can give the user a more practical name and also choose a different icon from their small selection.

customize chrome user

In order to edit the other user, you have to switch to that user using the icon at the top of the browser window. Then go to Settings and then click Edit again. Here are my two users setup after the customizations:

new user

switch chrome user

It works great and you can sign into multiple Google accounts at the same time. The only downside currently that I see is that it opens the new user in a new Chrome window. It would be nice if they could somehow get it to work so that you could open a different user account in a separate tab in the same window! But other than that, it’s way easier than installing add-ons and logging in multiple times, etc, etc. Enjoy!

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