Connect to Network Printer in Windows XP

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If you are in a corporate environment, you probably can only print to networked printers, unless you are one of the lucky few to have a personal desktop printer. For the rest of us, you have to manually connect to the network printer in one of two ways. If you are in a domain, then […]

Speed Up Boot Time in Windows Vista using Windows Performance Toolkit

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Over at Online Tech Tips, I wrote a post on how to use Bootvis to speed up the boot time on your Windows XP or Vista PC. It’s a good tool for optimizing the Windows boot up process for best performance. The only problem with Bootvis is that it is no longer supported by Microsoft […]

How to View the Size of User Mailboxes in Exchange 2007

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If you’ve recently upgraded to Exchange 2007, you may have noticed that two really useful columns in Exchange 2003, Size and Total Items, are missing! Personally, I found this very annoying because it was a great way to quickly see which Exchange users were taking up the most space on the server. The worst thing […]

Cannot Delete Print Job in Windows

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Have you ever run into the situation where you sent a job to the printer, but it just refused to print? You check the print job queue and everything looks fine, but nothing is happening? So either nothing happens or the print job ends up failing and USUALLY just goes away. If not, you then […]

Fix “Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working”

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Here’s another problem that I recently ran into on a client machine running Windows Vista: Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working This message kept popping up whenever we tried to open the Windows Security Center. It would pop up 10 times and then disappear. Nothing bad would happen to the system like blue screen or […]

How to fix “Cannot renew IP address” in Windows

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Recently, I was working on a clients machine and after logging in realized that for some reason I was not able to connect to the server. I went to the command prompt and type in IPCONFIG and pressed Enter. The IP address for the computer was 169.254.x.x and the subnet mask was The 169.254 […]

How to Fix “Resource file C_PsdRsDll not found!” Error

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As an IT support specialist, I love dealing with obscure Windows errors that sound absolutely ridiculous and make little to no sense. The great thing is most of the time you really don’t have to know what the exact problem is in order to fix the problem. Take, for example, the following strange error that […]

Get Detailed Information on Hidden Windows Processes

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Have you ever gone to the Task Manager in Windows and clicked on the Process tab only to see that svchost.exe is taking up 100% of your CPU? Well, unfortunately that doesn’t help you figure out which program in Windows is actually using up all that processing power. In Windows, there are many processes, like […]

How to Fix “The Windows Installer service could not be accessed” Error

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Recently, a friend of mine tried to install a program on his Windows Vista machine and the computer gave the blue screen of death error. After he restarted his computer, he tried to run a different program and he got the following message: The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if […]

How to Repair a Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST File

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If you have ever used Outlook for more than a month, you’ve probably seen several occasions where the message “The Outlook data file did not close properly“ pops up and you have to wait a few minutes for Outlook to repair the file. Pretty annoying, but at least you can view your emails after waiting. […]