7 free PDF writers and PDF printers

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If you have your own small business, you’ve probably realized the benefits of free software by now! Yes, it’s nice to get a little technical support by buying software from big companies like Microsoft and Adobe, etc, but sometimes price trumps everything. Frankly, buying Adobe Acrobat for all employees in our company so that they […]

How to fix “Microsoft Register Server has Stopped Working”

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One thing I’ve always enjoyed about working in IT over the last 8 years is trying to successfully find a solution to tough Windows error messages. I’ve written about many before, such as The Device Cannot Start and Stop: 0x00000F4 error blue screen, etc, etc. Another one I came across recently was the following: Microsoft […]

Fix Windows Update Error Code 8E5E03FA

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I have Windows Vista installed on a virtual PC and recently I’ve not been able to install any Windows updates because I keep getting an error saying that the update failed. Taking a look at the error, it says the following: Failed error code 8E5E03FA Not very helpful! The event viewer does not show anything […]

How to Fix “You do not have permission to send to this recipient”

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A while ago I setup Exchange Server on a virtual machine to play around with it and see if I could get a proper mail server working. I thought I did pretty well because I was able to send and receive messages internally on the network and was able to send emails out to the […]

Fix “The Device Cannot Start. (Code 10)” Error

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I recently tried to install a USB printer on my Windows XP machine and after Windows detected the printer, I got the following error message: The device cannot start. (Code 10) If you’re having this same issue, here are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot problem with USB devices. Firstly,   if […]

How to Fix Stop:0x000000F4 Blue Screen Error in Windows

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Working in IT, I’ve come across number strange STOP errors in Windows that are only fixed by doing something ridiculously obscure! Recently, I came across another STOP error that is very obscure, but pretty easy to fix! Well, at least it was easy to fix for me. Here’s the error on the associated blue screen […]

Device Manager empty or blank in Windows?

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I recently had a problem where I opened my Device Manager and found that is was blank! Nothing there! Just plain empty! It was very strange and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was! If your Device Manager is completely blank or empty, then there are two possibilities of why […]

Cannot Delete Outlook 2007 Reminder

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Can’t delete a reminder in Outlook 2007? I recently had this very strange problem where I created a calendar event in Outlook 2007 with a reminder attached to it, the event passed, I dismissed the reminder, but it won’t go away! The reminder pops up each time I open Outlook 2007. Not only that, I […]

How to Determine Open and Blocked TCP/UDP Ports

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Looking for a way to determine which ports are open and which ports are blocked on a computer? Ports are basically logical connections between two computers or network devices for sharing data. Port numbers range from 1 to 65536 and some port numbers are assigned to specific tasks, such as port 80 for transferring HTTP […]

How to Block Remote Connections to a Windows XP Computer

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If you’re not careful, it may be possible for hackers to remotely connect to your computer without your knowledge and copy, change, or delete files. If you travel a lot and have to connect to unsecured wireless networks at hotels, airports, etc, you should make sure to beef up the security on your system so […]