Add Copy File Name & Copy File Path Options to Context Menu in Windows

If you do a lot of copying of file names and file paths, there is a small, free utility, called Copy File Name Utility, that makes it easier to quickly copy file names and file paths using the context menu in Windows Explorer.

We tested this utility in Windows XP and Windows 7 and it worked the same way in both versions.

Download Copy File Name Utility from

Unzip the downloaded file. The utility contains two separate executable files and two sets of .reg files to add the context menu options to the registry and remove them from the menu. Select the two folders that you extracted (Copy Filename and Copy Pathname). Paste the two folders into the C:\Program Files folder.

NOTE: It is important that you copy both folders as they are to the C:\Program Files folder. The context menu options will not work otherwise. Also, the two executable files cannot be run on their own. They have to be run using the context menu options added using the .reg files. If you try to run them on their own, you will receive an error message.

Copying the utility folders

We will install the Copy Filename utility first. Go to the C:\Program Files \Copy Filename folder. Right-click on the Install_Copy_Filename.reg file and select Merge from the popup menu.

Merging the Copy Filename .reg file

A confirmation dialog box displays to make sure you really want to add the information in the .reg file to the registry. Click Yes.

Registry Editor confirmation dialog box - Windows XP

In Windows 7, the message is slightly different, but says essentially the same thing.

Registry Editor confirmation dialog box - Windows 7

A dialog box then displays saying the information has been successfully added to the registry. Click OK.

Information added into registry - Windows XP

Again, the message saying that the information has successfully been added to the registry is slightly different in Windows 7.

Information added into registry - Windows 7

Follow the same procedure to add the contents of the Install_Copy_Pathname.reg file in the C:\Program Files\Copy Pathname folder to the registry.

Now, when you right-click on a file in My Computer or Windows Explorer, two additional options display on the context menu, Copy File Name and Copy File Path.

Selecting Copy File Name option

The following image shows the File Name and the File Path, respectively, pasted into Notepad.

File Name and File Path pasted into Notepad

To remove the two options from the context menu merge the Uninstall_Copy_Filename.reg file and the Uninstall_Copy_Pathname.reg file as you did earlier when installing the options.

Uninstalling the Copy File Name option

If you prefer using the mouse more often than the keyboard, these two context menu options will be useful.

by Lori Kaufman

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  1. Is it possible to copy a file name without the file extension?

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