How to Reinstall a Metro App in Windows 8

In Windows 8, I have found it quite frustrating figuring out how to install, uninstall and reinstall Metro apps! It’s not hard or anything like that, just not super intuitive! In this post, I’ll show you how to install a Metro app, uninstall a Metro app and reinstall a Metro app.

Install Metro App in Windows 8

Installing a Metro app in Windows 8 is really easy. Go to the Windows Store from the Start screen:

windows store

Click on any app that you think you want to install and you’ll see a big Install button at the top. Click on that and the app is installed! Super easy!

install metro app

Uninstall Metro App in Windows 8

To uninstall an app, it’s also not that hard. If it’s on your Start screen, just right click on it and you’ll get a pop up bar on the bottom of the screen with various options, one being Uninstall.

uninstall metro app

If it’s not on the Start screen, just right-click and click on All apps. Right-click on the app and you’ll get the same menu as shown above.

Reinstall Metro App in Windows 8

Now the annoying part for me was that I uninstalled a Metro app and then I could not figure out how to install it again. The Windows Store just display a bunch of apps from various categories and I couldn’t find the app I had uninstalled previously. That’s when I remember the Charms bar!

In Windows 8, the charms bar is what lets you search inside a specific metro app. So if you want to search the Windows Store for an app, you need to open the charms bar and search for it there. I had uninstalled the Camera app and I wanted to add it back.

reinstall metro app

Click on the app under Recommendations and you can then just click the Install button, which will basically reinstall the Metro app for you.

reinstall windows 8 app

That’s it! So if you removed or uninstalled one of the default Metro apps that comes with Windows 8, you can easily reinstall it by doing a search in the Windows Store. Enjoy!

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