Cannot Find the Mail Icon in Vista Control Panel?

Can’t seem to find the Mail icon in your Control Panel? Well, here’s another quick tutorial that might help a few Administrators out there! I wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure this one out!

Basically I was trying to setup Outlook 2007 on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine to connect to an Exchange 2003 Server. However, when setting up the email address in Outlook, I would select Exchange Server and it would tell me to close Outlook and go to the Control Panel and choose the Mail icon.

OK, no problem. So I go there, but there is no Mail icon. So I’m confused at this point. Finally, I see an option that looks like it may be the answer.

cannot find mail icon control panel

The answer was click on View x86 Control Panel Icons! This was the first time I had ever been running a 64-bit operating system and I never realized that there would be different icons for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows! But apparently so!

So if you have a 64-bit version of Windows and you’re missing an icon that you normally would find in your Control Panel, make sure to check out the x86 Control Panel Icons option.

The thing to note is that you need to first click on Classic View to even get the option for x86 icons. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows and the icon is missing, then I have no idea what your problem is!

You could possibly have corrupt Windows files, which could be replaced by doing a Repair install. But again, this is only if you are running 32-bit Windows Vista and the icons are missing. Hope it helps!

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  1. OMG… huge help!… thnx so much!!…

  2. Not exactly what I found on my machine but still a huge help. As I was following your instruction, I saw "View 32-bit Control Panel Items". I figured that was close enough & when I double clicked there was the mail icon. YAY!! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks man, that was a great help, but i agree with Jennifer above, as i have also the same text as he got"view 32-bit…etc". but nevertheless, great help!

    Thanks Again.

  4. In Windows 7 , Launch Control Panel and Click on "View By" ( right side top ) and select "Small/Large Icon"

  5. Well Done Aseem. Great help. Can't understand why Microsoft have gone back to the "make everything as complicated and illogical as possible" plan – or can I?

  6. Thanks! Surely it would have been just as easy to put the mail icon on the control panel instead of making us dig for it…

  7. in Windows Vista 64-bit to get to Mail icon one must go to Additional Options first then to View 32-bit Control Panel Items

  8. OMG! A million thanks. This gave me a headache.


  9. Legend, worked a treat. Thanks for your help!

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