Delete or Create Services on Windows XP using the Command Prompt

Disabling services running on windows XP is very simple, but what about if you want to delete such services, how do you do it? there are two ways of doing it, by using the run command prompt, or the registry, we will do both.

To delete a service using the command prompt, click on Start then click on RUN and type CMD and click OK. once on the DOS prompt, type SC delete <name of the service> press Enter.

Let’s say I want to delete the service name iPod Service off my computer, I would type SC delete iPod Service on the command prompt to delete it.

Deleting services

Now, to create a service type SC create <name of the service> if I want to create a service name HD geek I would type sc create hdgeek hit enter.

Reboot the computer in order for the service to show up.

If you want to delete the services manually using the registry, go to Start >RUN type Regedit hit Enter. Go to this path:


Look for the service name you want to delete, right-click it, and then choose delete.

Very simple right?

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