Internet Connection problems- Proxy Server settings messed up

Sometimes when troubleshooting Internet Connection problems we seems to try everything; from the basic to the most advance techniques, but sometimes nothing seems to fix the problem until we check some hidden settings that we never suspect might cause great frustration.

Some Internet service providers somehow like to use proxy server settings on your browser when configuring home computer to use the Internet, and if that computer is a laptop so when you try to use it on another network besides yours, it does not work.

If you for some reason cannot connect to the Internet, and have tried everything under the sun to try to fix the problem and are ready to jump out of the window, wait a few minutes and try this,

Go to start>control panel> click on Internet Options icon and choose the “connection” tab, and then click on the “LAN Settings” make sure the settings are set to “Automatically Detect Settings”

If that was not the problem for your Internet connection problem, you can Jump now.

Comments [7]

  1. I had a bug recently that changed my internet settings due to some type of proxy server. While I managed to get back to the internet, I think this will help with a few of the other buggy things.


  2. Thank you so much!! Couldn't figure it out, and your fix worked.

  3. Thanks a million! it stopped reseting the settings and going back to the proxy.

  4. I see where I need to click to change to the automatically detect settings option, but it is grayed out and I cannot click on it. Now what?

  5. Thank you so much for showing how to change the proxy settings. All is well now!

  6. You rock! Just guided my shut-in brother through your process, and he’s back online!!!

  7. Yes, I helped my father in law with his connection problems by having him check the connection settings. Sure, enough proxy server was enabled. I blame it on some rogue malware that makes this change. It got him back up and running.

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