Internet Explorer Script Error

If you use Internet Explorer as your primary Internet browser, then you probably have seen Internet Explorer Script Error more than once. It is a very popular Internet explorer 6.0 error; it happens less in Internet Explorer 7.0, but still happens. In this post I will discuss the best possible ways to fix this problem. Read on.

Possible Solution # 1

If you get this error message when visiting certain websites, then the problem might be that your browser is too old and does support some of the scripts the site has. These scripts might be JAVA, FLASH, etc. the best way to fix this problem is upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer, which now is version 7.0. Download it from here. After you finish the installation, restart the computer and visit the website you had problem with before the upgrade. If the page loads fine without any error, then Internet Explorer 6.0 was the problem, if not then let’s jump into the next stage.

Possible Solution # 2

Try to repair Internet Explorer, sometimes some files in Internet Explorer become corrupted and you need to repair them to correct the problem. There many ways to repair Internet explorer, but let’s use the less techie ones, so every one can do it. If you are using windows XP go to Start click on Control Panel then click on Add/Remove Programs, then on your left side, click on “Add/Remove Windows Components“ when the wizard comes up, look for Internet Explorer on the List uncheck it and click next, a Windows will come up asking if you want to remove or repair internet explorer, choose the Repair option. Internet Explorer 7.0 can be removed or repaired right from the Add/Remove Programs lists.

Another quick method to repair Internet explorer 6.0 is by going to Start click on Run and type sfc /scannow then press Enter. Follow the prompts and restart the computer after it finishes.

To reinstall completely Internet Explorer 6.0 go to Start click Run and type %systemroot%\inf and press Enter. Right-click the Ie.inf file, and then click Install. Restart the computer after the process is complete.

If you already installed Internet Explorer 7.0 and want to repair damage or missing files do this. Start Internet explorer, and click on Tools then click on Internet Options click on advanced tab, the click on Reset.

Possible Solution # 3

At this stage, if you continue having the problem I will suggest to do a System Restore. The problem on your computer might be with the Operating System, so a system restore might fix the problem. If you remember the last time your computer was fine then try to do a system restore before the problem started. If you don’t remember then go back as far as you can go. None of the files on your computer get deleted, but programs do. So, if you do a system restore you will need to reinstall any program you have installed recently. To do a system restore from your windows XP go to start click on All Programs then click on Accessories click on System Tools then System Restore. Follow the wizard until you get where you need to put the date you want to back. For a complete system restore tutorial read this post.

Possible Solution # 4

If you continue receiving the error message when you visit certain websites, you can disable the script debugging feature on Internet Explorer, to do that, open Internet Explorer, click on Tools click on Internet Options then click on Advanced Tab then under the “Browsing“ uncheck the “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) click on Apply and then OK and restart Internet Explorer.

Leave your comments if these solutions have been helpful to you, or if you have a tip on fixing this problem please do so in the comment section as well. Thanks

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  3. benedict says:

    i have this "internet explorer script error " but it only appears every time i accept someone's web cam invitation.i tried some of your solutions but it didnt do anything. can you pls help me ?

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    Hey , I only get this error when I open ijji reactor for playing games online. I tried some of your solutions but it didnt work . can u please help me ? D:

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