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Retrieve Your Wireless Network Security Key in Windows

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Have you experienced a situation where you have to add a computer to your wireless network and you can’t find the network security key? Windows 7, like previous versions of Windows, remembers (with your permission) the network security key when you first connect to a secured wireless (Wi-Fi) network protected by WEP, WPA, or WPA2. […]

Optimize Windows 7 Startup and Boot Time

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I have found that Windows 7 runs fairly faster than Windows XP and Windows Vista right out of the box. The footprint has definitely been lessened and it doesn’t feel as bloated as Vista did. However, as with any operating system, you can tweak or change the software and hardware to truly maximize performance. With […]

5 Free Programs to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive

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Looking to sell an old computer and want to wipe the hard drive clean before you sell it? Whatever your reason may be, there are lots of programs out there that can help you to not only erase the data on a hard drive, but erase it in such a way that it can never […]

Create an ISO File from a Folder in Windows

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Using ISO files is a very popular way of distributing a large amount of files over the internet. A lot of software packages are available online as ISO files you can download. ISO files can also be used to easily back up files, such as photos, videos, or programs you have downloaded, in an easy-to-access […]