Whether you’re looking to communicate tactically with teammates during an intense session of Rainbow Six: Siege or wanting to trash talk your opponents with clear and concise vitriol, you’re going to need to find the best gaming headset. A quality gaming headset will immerse you in whatever activity you choose to tackle and makes the experience feel that much more special.

You can’t have an ultimate gaming experience without a great gaming headset. It’s one of the more important peripherals in any gaming setup. Poor, crackly audio ruins immersion and causes consistent irritation during times when communication is of utmost importance.

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    We’ve provided what we feel are the best gaming headsets for the ultimate gaming experience that will help bring your gaming sessions to life.

    5 Best Gaming Headsets For The Ultimate Game Experience

    The list of five is broken down into distinct categories based on the gaming console being used, most comfortable, best on a budget, and best sound.

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    Best For PS4 & PC Gamers – SteelSeries Arctis 7 (2019 Edition)

    Beginning with the PlayStation 4 and PC, we have to suggest the Arctis 7 gaming headset. The stellar sound quality promotes an overall heightened experience during gameplay. This is in part due to the featured next-gen DTS Headphone protocol, which provides truly immersive surround sound audio.

    The comfort level is top-tier as Arctis 7 provides a unique ski-band-like suspension headband that is completely adjustable to fit any head shape. The headset itself is lightweight and conforms to your head without causing much tension and never feels loose. Its ear cushions are breathable so you won’t have sweaty ears after long gaming sessions. They’re also very soft and void of the “heaviness” most other headsets face.

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    Arctis 7 microphones may not reach Sennheiser quality but they still perform quite well. The audio input is precise, clear, and void of echoes. When not chatting, the mic is retractable right into the ear cup to keep it out of the way. 

    To top it all off, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is wireless, which is why we suggested it for play on both your PC or PS4. It also comes with a wired 3.5-millimeter audio cable if you prefer a wired connection, meaning you can use it on your Switch or Xbox One as well. However, Xbox One has its own entry on this list. 

    Best For Xbox One – Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless

    A lack of Bluetooth support has held Xbox One back in terms of audio choices. Typically, you’d have to resort with a wired connection only making frequent bathroom breaks or fridge raids during downtime, nigh impossible. Thankfully, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless has presented Xbox One users with a suitable option.

    The “best” in the heading may be misleading as this is more like the best bang for your buck when it comes to Xbox One gaming headsets. There are other headsets, such as the SteelSeries Arctis 9X which provides better sound and comfort quality but at double the price. Every headset tested for the Xbox One has had an issue with audio occasionally cutting out so paying upwards of $200 on a headset just doesn’t seem worth it.

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    That out of the way, the Stealth 600 Wireless weighs a light 10 ounces, making it comfortable and not cumbersome. The sound is great, it comes with a stronger build than other cheaper options, and is a more comfortable fit to boot. The headset ear cups come with breathable soft fabric cushions to ensure your ears keep cozy, but won’t get too hot.

    Seeing as there aren’t many alternatives for Xbox One players, the flaws are present but few. On top of the occasional audio drops, the headset is made of a flimsy, plastic-like material which makes it feel cheap. The few other choices provided a more attractive headset but usually at substantial cost. We feel the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless’ shortcomings can be forgiven as it provides the necessities in terms of a full gaming experience without any of the major trade-offs you’d get with the others.

    Best On a Budget – CORSAIR HS50 Pro

    One of the best PC gaming headsets on a budget is most definitely the CORSAIR HS50 Pro. It comes in at only $50 and you get exactly what you pay for and more. The sound and mic quality of the HS50 rivals other gaming headsets that come at double the price. It looks great, feels great, and provides almost everything you’d want in a gaming headset. Almost, because it does lack things like 7.1 surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity. 

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    Nevertheless, the HS50 still packs a punch at an affordable price tag. It includes a well-placed mute button, superlative build materials (none of that cheap plastic stuff), comfortable even for those who wear glasses or have smaller than normal heads, and crisp, clear sound. 

    Yes, for only $50 you can hear enemies creeping up on you with each step. This headset is well worth the purchase.

    Most Comfortable – HyperX Cloud Alpha

    For gamers who prioritize comfort over style and sound, we have the HyperX Cloud Alpha. This is hands down the most comfortable headset you can purchase. The Cloud feels as comfy as its namesake. So much so that you could wear it all day and forget it was even there.

    Prioritizing comfort over style and sound doesn’t mean you forsake it. The Cloud Alpha is plenty stylish, coming with two variants — a black one with red accents, and a white variant with light purple accents. The easily adjustable headset comes with a removable microphone, and the connecting cable has inline controls for muting the mic and adjusting the volume.  It’s also great at picking up voices.

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    Unfortunately, no wireless capabilities with the HyperX Cloud Alpha. You’ll have to settle for staying put until you find a suitable place to go AFK (Away From Keyboard). The sound does a fantastic job at drowning out external noises while focusing on the in-game ambiance.

    The sound is well-balanced, the style superb, and comfort flawless. If you’re one of those gamers who likes to spend hours on top of hours engaged in online activity, you won’t be disappointed with this headset.

    Best Sound – HyperX Cloud Revolver S

    To achieve the ultimate game experience, sound is of utmost importance. It’s what draws you in, immerses you, and provides the feedback for everything going on at any given moment. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is the headset you need for definitive sound quality. It features 7.1-channel surround sound which makes you feel every single sound effect. It’s the kind of quality that a gaming enthusiast could only wish for.

    The detachable noise canceling microphone is a godsend for intense and tactical gaming moments. Free your squad mates from your annoying chewing habits while attempting to infiltrate the enemy’s base.

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    The headset is still comfortable just not as much as some others. You won’t be wearing this one for longer than a few hours at best. Another complaint would be that after a few months the ear cups begin to show wear and tear. Some to the point where they might even fall off. So you’ll need to show extreme care when dealing with this headset.

    All in all, the sound quality is second to none even if the build has the potential to fall apart after months of continuous use. The Cloud Revolver S can be considered a runner-up to the best gaming headset for PS4 so if you’re not really interested in the Arctis 7’s design, this is the next best thing.