If you’ve just finished editing a video project in Adobe Premiere, you might wonder what final touches you could make that would make it look even better. You might be overwhelmed with all the effects at your disposal though. Thankfully, there is an option in Premiere that can make it all much easier. 

There are many Adobe Premiere filter presets you can download for free, online, and load them into Premiere. These presets can alter different stylistic effects in your project and make it look clean, professional, and more visually dynamic.

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    Below are some of the best filter presets available to download right now. When looking for presets, keep in mind what kind of style you want for your project. Be sure the presets you’re downloading are also made to be used with Adobe Premiere. Also make sure you are downloading from a reputable source.

    Cinematic LUTs Pack

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    When going for a more cinematic look for your project, you want to look for Adobe Premiere filters that will help make your blacks blacker, tone down any heavy brightness, and deepen your colors. This pack contains multiple Look Up Tables (LUTS) that will help you easily produce a richer and eye-catching video. 

    Retro Preset Pack

    This collection of Adobe Premiere filter presets can give your project multiple different old-school style video looks. If you’re trying to achieve a dated look, there is a VHS filter effect, TV lines, RGB split, and more are available in this pack. 

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    Instead of being a LUT, these presets simply change different effects instead of color, so you’ll have to load it in differently than you would a LUT, through your effects setting.

    Reign Sample LUT

    With this free sample LUT, you get one LUT from Ground Control’s Reign pack. These are great for getting that gritty Hollywood film feel.

    If you find you really like this sample LUT, you can buy the entire pack for $22.99 if you’d like a premium set of Adobe Premiere filter presets.

    30 Cinematic LUTs

    Maybe you’re not sure what kind of look you want your finished video to have. Thankfully, in this pack you have a good amount of options to choose from and play with.

    These LUTs are all created in order for you to get a nice cinematic look out of your video. There are tons of different looks that deepen your colors, making them richer and looking like a professional film.

    Panoramic Transitions

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    There are many transition effects already built-in to Adobe Premiere, but if you’d like something different to make your project pop, you can download these free panorama transitions. 

    These create a spinning, fish-eye effect to transition from clip to clip. They are very eye-catching and will give your video a fast-paced feel, especially good for music videos. 

    5 Glitch Effects

    Emulating a video glitch is made easy with glitch effect presets. This is another unique way to add some depth to your video, simply by downloading and adding the effect to a clip. 

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    It can be difficult to reproduce realistic-looking glitches within a video on your own, but if you want to give your project that extra kick, these presets make it easy. There are also multiple to choose from, and you can further edit how they look within Premiere.

    140 Adobe Premiere LUTs

    Need even more options? In this pack of LUTs you will find 140 different ways to color-grade your video clips. No matter what style you’re going for, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a good fit within this pack.

    If you want to further create a unique look for your video, you can always use these LUTs as a jumping-off point and play around with the Lumetri color effects yourself.

    Text Animations

    Text can be an important part of making a good video. The way you present the text can be integral, which is why using text transitions is very effective.

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    These are very simple text animations that allow you to create stylish and unique text that make your project flow. Finding the right way to transition text can be frustrating, so these Adobe Premiere filter presets take much of the work out of it, making your editing time much more efficient.

    How To Use Downloaded Presets In Adobe Premiere

    It’s extremely simple to download and use any presets or LUTs you’ve downloaded. This is what makes them such a good tool to utilize within any of your projects. The way to use either an effect preset or a LUT differs a little, so both will be explained below.

    How To Use An Effects Preset

    Once you’ve downloaded the preset you want to use, it will likely be contained in a .zip file. First, extract the files to a new folder and choose a place to save it. Then follow these steps to use the filter presets in Premiere.

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    1. In Adobe Premiere, right-click on your Effects panel. Choose Import Presets.
    1. Locate the file folder, and click on the presets pack.
    1. Once they have been imported, under your Effects panel, you can click on the Presets dropdown and you should find your presets underneath there.
    1. To use them, simply drag and drop a preset onto a video clip.

    How To Use LUTs

    Your downloaded LUT is likely in a .rar format, so make sure you have a program that can extract the files from it, like 7-zip. After you’ve extracted the files, follow these steps.

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    1. In Premiere, find and open the Color panel.
    1. Under Basic Correction, go to the Input LUT dropdown and click Browse.
    1. Locate the LUT you’d like to use on your computer and select it.
    1. The LUT will automatically be applied to the clip you’re editing.

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