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Ubuntu vs Windows 10: Which OS is Better for You?

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Almost every PC or laptop available for purchase comes with a Windows 10 installation. Excluding Macs, you wouldn’t think that there’s much choice in the desktop computer market for different […]

OpenShot Video Editor: How to Get Started

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Affordable, consumer-level video editing software used to be a needle in a haystack, and to find it for free was nearly impossible. However, the proliferation of smartphones coupled with a […]

What Is MMC.exe and Is It Safe?

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Launch the Task manager on any Windows computer and you’ll find hundreds of system processes running in the background. Some of these processes are properly labeled and identifying their purpose […]

What Is Lockapp.exe in Windows 10 and Is It Safe?

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When you switch on a Windows PC, a number of hidden system services and processes kick into action. These processes determine how Windows appears on your screen, how your device […]

How to Convert IMG Files to ISO

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IMG and ISO files are two common disk image file formats. They are often used to store, distribute, or backup the content and file system of optical discs (CD, DVD, […]

How to Delete a TikTok Account

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat—few apps get to reach the number of users and level of recognition that these social media pioneers have among the general population. One of the few […]

7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook

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If you’re a Chromebook user and want to check your email and send messages from your device, you need an email client. Unlike Windows and Mac operating systems, which have […]

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening Automatically

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Microsoft Teams is in the big leagues of collaboration and communication software, particularly for remote teams. The tool has a bunch of amazing features and functionalities used by over 100 […]

Discord Screen Share Not Working? 6 Ways to Fix

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While Discord is a great platform for communication, it’s more than just a way to send messages. One useful Discord feature is the ability to share your screen with others, […]

7 Best Snipping Tools for Chromebook

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Taking screen grabs may be slightly different on a Chromebook than it is on a Windows or Mac computer. However, the process is simple whether you’re using the native method […]