What Does OEM Mean When You Buy Electronics?

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If you’ve ever purchased computer parts or an operating system, you’ve likely come across a mysterious recurring acronym – OEM. In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of acronyms and confusing jargon. Similar to how you won’t stop hearing about 4K, UHD, and 2160p in the TV market, OEM […]

How To Port Forward Without Opening The Door To Hackers

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Port forwarding allows you to direct the traffic coming to a certain port on your router to your chosen device on your network. If you’re into any kind of servers such as email and gaming, you’ll want to learn how to port forward in order for these software to work on your machine.  If port […]

Microsoft Teams Vs Slack: How Do They Compare?

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Microsoft Teams now has more signed up users than Slack, which puts Slack users in an interesting position. Is it time to move over to Microsoft Teams or stay with Slack?  Both collaboration platforms are stacked full of features, but there are some clear differences between the two options. It’s more about whether you prefer […]

How To Create a VBA Macro Or Script In Excel

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Microsoft Excel enables users to automate features and commands using macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting. VBA is the programming language Excel uses to create macros. It will also execute automated commands based on specific conditions. Macros are a series of pre-recorded commands. They run automatically when a specific command is given. If […]

6 Privacy Search Engines to Browse the Web Safely

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Before Google, discovering websites and services or finding information was tricky. The same can be said for internet users now if they had to do anything on the web using URLs only, and no search engines. Today though, Google is more than just a search engine; it’s become a verb that we use every day, […]

How To Automatically Toggle Dark & Light Modes On Windows 10

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If you don’t already know, your Windows 10 computer comes with a dark mode to help relieve your eyestrain and give your computer a more darkish look. The option is located in the Settings app and you can enable and disable it at any time you want. The dark mode is mostly used at night […]

eMMC vs SSD: What’s The Difference?

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Long term storage is changing. We’re used to using hard disk drives (HDD) and many of us now have solid-state drives (SSD). But what is the electronic multi-media card (eMMC) and why are we seeing it in laptops instead of SSDs and HDDs?  We already know that SSDs are generally superior to HDDs, so let’s […]

How To Fix Windows Hello Fingerprint Not Working In Windows 10

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Windows Hello is a more secure way of logging into your Windows 10 device without struggling to remember your password. The futuristic login technology uses biometric authentication that’s faster, more secure and easier to access your computer using fingerprint or facial recognition, with enterprise-grade security to boot. These biometric markers allow you to sign into […]

Best DIY Home Security Gadgets to Protect Your Home

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Home security is a big deal, yet many from the younger generation don’t treat it as so. In 2015, we had a property crime committed every 4 seconds in America. That’s a lot of burglaries.  If you think this only happens in lower-class communities — think again. Most thieves are staking out homes in more […]

How to Protect Your Phone’s SIM Card From Hackers

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Years ago it would have been hard to imagine that a good portion of your life would be spent scrolling through webpages and texts on a single device. Let alone that device being a mobile phone. Nowadays, thanks in very large part to the boom of social media and their associated apps, it’s even harder […]