The 6 WordPress Plugins You MUST Have On Each Installation

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Over the years, I have done countless installations of Wordpress on both my own websites and for other peoples domains. During this time, I have come to rely on an essential core of 6 free WordPress plugins which I have come to strongly feel every website should have by default. You can download them all […]

The 5 Best Browser Tools To Protect Your Online Privacy

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Visiting a website these days is no longer enough. When you leave the website, they then want to know where you are going next. They want to leave tracking cookies on your browser. Thanks to analytics tools like Google Analytics, they even want to register everything from your geographical location right down to what color […]

The 7 Browser Extensions That Every Chrome User Should Be Using

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Despite playing around with various browsers over the years, I always end up coming back to Chrome. I know that Google is not the best company when it comes to privacy but they make one hell of a browser nevertheless. Part of why Chrome is so good is the sheer number of extensions you can […]

8 Easy-to-Do Ways to Troubleshoot Network Connection

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A faulty Wi-Fi connection doesn’t have to ruin your day. There are plenty of ways you can restore a lost internet connection. Follow these network troubleshooting tips and you’ll be up and running in no time. 1. Check Your Settings First, check your Wi-Fi settings. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Switch […]

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

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It’s easy to accidentally delete emails every now and then. But it is possible to recover some emails that are thought to be gone for good. Deleted emails in Office 365, for example, can be recovered provided you meet certain conditions. The methods described below have a higher chance of working if you attempt to […]

Set an Expiration Date on Shared Google Drive Files

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Google Drive has emerged as one of the best and most popular ways of sharing files between clients, coworkers, and friends without requiring them to make a direct download. A decade ago, you’d be sending these files as an email attachment or link from a site like Megaupload or MediaFire. Let’s all rejoice that those […]

Microphone Tips: How to Reduce Background Noise and Get Better Sound

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Let’s talk about how you can reduce background noise and get better sound with your microphone. Whether you’re in a call or recording your voice, these tips will be useful. There are a number of different areas we will cover, so make sure to read through each section carefully. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know […]

Change Recycle Bin Settings in Windows 10

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Windows 10 ships with a level of customization features that we haven’t seen in many other versions of the operating system. Something completely new to this iteration of Windows is a set of settings exclusive to the Recycle Bin. Up through Windows 8, the Recycle Bin just is what it is—a container for your deleted […]

Prevent Popup Notifications from Appearing on Your Windows Desktop

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Windows 10 notifications are important, but some people do find them annoying. Fortunately, getting rid of these pop-ups are as easy as editing a few settings. This article will show you how you can fine-tune the types of notifications you see for a more pleasant Windows experience. Turning Off All Notifications To turn off the […]

How To Securely Transfer a File To Someone Using The Onion Protocol

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There are LOTS of file transfer possibilities these days, ranging from the lowly and limited email address to bigger and better solutions such as WeTransfer, Firefox Send, and various cloud storage platforms. But the drawback for using any of these methods is that you have to rely on someone else’s server to pass the file […]