How to Install and Configure Raid Drives (Raid 0 and 1) on Your PC

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When my father told me that he was running his computer in Raid 0, I was confused as to why he would want such a configuration. To my knowledge, running a Raid configuration was outdated and complicated to set up. Then I did my research. There are significant advantages to running your computer in a […]

How to Protect Your Copyrighted Content on YouTube and Other Social Media

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Copyright can seem like it’s meaningless in a world where sharing is so easy, but it does matter, and you do own the full rights to your created work. Whilst fair use can protect users from showing and commenting on your work, it’s a breach of copyright for somebody to re-upload your work in full […]

How to Troubleshoot “OK Google” or “Hey Google”

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Most modern Android smartphones let you access the Google Assistant by simply saying the phrase “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. In much the same way that you can say “Hey Siri” on an Apple iPhone. It’s a very handy feature. For example, you can make phone calls or open specific apps while your hands are […]

3 Ways to Track Which Programs are Using the Most Bandwidth in Windows

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Are you having trouble connecting to Facebook or Twitter? Has your internet connection slowed down to the point that it’s become unusable? Don’t blame your internet service provider just yet. The reason for this could be a program consuming bandwidth in the background. In this post, you’ll learn how to monitor the bandwidth usage of […]

LastPass vs 1Password vs Dashlane

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Lugging around a notebook full of important passwords and information can be both time consuming and inconvenient. The days of remembering dozens of complex passwords is over when you have a good password manager. The programs listed below will not only remember your list of passwords for you — all you have to know is […]

How To Batch Rename All Of Your MP3 Metadata Files

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Nowadays, if you want to listen to music, you would either stream it through a service such as Spotify, or buy the digital file from Amazon or iTunes. But if you have a big stack of old CD’s cluttering up your house, and you’ve sat and ripped them all to MP3 files, it’s then time […]

How To Create a Windows 10 Installation USB Stick

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Back in March, I wrote about making a MacOS installer on a USB stick. But you may not be aware that it is entirely possible to do the same with Windows 10 (or whatever the current version of Windows is). Windows comes pre-installed with every PC but there are times when a USB version becomes […]

How To Set Up a YubiKey As a Two-Step Authentication Method

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To secure your online accounts, a process called two-step authentication is absolutely necessary. But out of sheer laziness or apathy, not many people bother. Most likely, they think “nobody will ever hack my account”. But that is a risk you never want to take. If you would like a safe and effortless way to use […]

How To Make & Run An ISO File On Windows

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Among the many things that Windows is known for are its many file formats. Whereas MacOS only has a few file formats, Windows has a huge amount more. One of them, which is actually one of the most useful ones, is also not the most well-known. That file format is known as .ISO. What is […]

How To Use Powerful Photo Search Tools Available on Google Photos

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With Google behind their very own Google Photos app, you have access to a number of powerful photo search tools that many people aren’t aware of. Let’s take a look at what tools are available. From searching text in photos to searching by face and location, Google Photos does an excellent job at gathering information […]