Prevent Files From Being Deleted Or Renamed In Windows

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No matter what purpose you use your computer for, there are likely some files on your machine that you don’t want anyone to rename or delete. But unfortunately the way Windows works, there’s really no default mechanism to help you prevent your files from being deleted on your computer. Any user who has access to […]

Learn How to Code Like a Pro with These 5 Sites & Apps

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There’s a shortage of computer programmers and software developers. This is a big deal because the tech industry is growing faster than the talent can keep up. Some firms are even willing to pay 20% more for qualified engineers.  Mobile app revenue by itself will generate an astounding $935 billion by 2023. That’s a lot […]

How To Create Your Own Font

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Fonts are all over the web, in documents you use for work and school, and embedded in every program and app. The type of font you use can be a determining factor in whether people read your content or dismiss it right away because it’s too hard to follow along. You can make your own […]

Best 5 Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously

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A web proxy server alters a user’s IP address without the need for online traffic encryption. This enables the user to privately surf the web making it difficult for malicious forces to infiltrate and acquire your browsing data information. Using a web proxy will also allow a user to access sites that are otherwise inaccessible. […]

How to Troubleshoot WiFi (Wireless) Printers

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Few things are more frustrating than when you want to print a document, and your wireless printer is in an error state, or gives you the silent treatment. Perhaps you’ve tried to connect your WiFi printer to the network in your home, but the problems persist, leaving your printer stubbornly off the grid. Ideally, a […]

Remove or Uninstall a Printer Driver from Windows 10

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If you connect to different printers across several locations all the time, you’ll probably not use all of the printers installed on your device – probably just once or twice. However, your device ends up with many printers installed on it without you realizing it. Thankfully, you can remove any printer you’re no longer using, […]

10 Ways To Make Your PowerPoint Slideshow More Engaging

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Delivering presentations via PowerPoint doesn’t have to be boring. No matter who your audience is, you can create slides that are engaging, effective, and to the point. PowerPoint Slideshows can incorporate video, be converted to DVD, PDF and more. Before you create the first slide, identify the goal of your presentation. What do you want […]

Freeware Versus Shareware – What’s The Difference?

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The term freeware was first used nearly four decades ago when Andrew Fluegelman, a programmer, created the PC-Talk program for the IBM PC, although it wasn’t freely distributed initially.  A few months later, Bob Wallace, a Microsoft software developer, developed the PC-Write word processor and called it shareware because it wasn’t distributed freely. Ideally, freeware […]

Fix “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be Read” Errors

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It’s rare these days, but sometimes you can still run into a cryptic error message while using your computer. Cryptic errors are ones that don’t really explain themselves. If you are lucky, you’ll get an error reference number you can look up, but in the case of the “Instruction at Referenced Memory Could Not Be […]

How To Refurbish a Computer

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That old computer taking up space and collecting dust has become an eyesore. You’ve long since moved on to a bigger, better, more technologically advanced computer and no longer have any use for such a relic. Programs run smoother, games look more vibrant, what possible reason could you have for keeping it around any longer? […]