How to Check if Someone Blocked You on Instagram & Facebook

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When you stop seeing posts from your friend on social media, it can mean one of two things: they’re busy and simply don’t have time to post anything, or they’ve […]

How to Translate Word Docs Into Multiple Languages

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How to Replace Color in Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editor. Although, if you’re looking to go beyond simple image modifications like cropping or blurring your photo, you need to know your way around […]

7 Alternatives to PowerPoint You Can Use Online

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful piece of software for creating winning slideshows and presentations. It’s easy to use even if you’re a complete beginner, has ready-to-use presentation templates, and if […]

How to Share Your Location on Android

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Revealing your location online to somebody else sounds like an invasion of your privacy. However, it can be useful in a number of situations.  Maybe you’re meeting a friend and […]

Surfshark Vs Cyberghost: Which Is the Best VPN Software?

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Since every VPN provider claims their service is the number one in the industry, finding the best VPN software isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds of VPN services available […]

How to Hide Apps on Android

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Many people think they have nothing to hide. While that might be true for a person who doesn’t use any digital devices, if you own a smartphone you definitely have […]

What Is Gravatar and Why You Should Use It

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When browsing through various forums and sites, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes users who comment on posts will have a little picture, or an avatar attached to their comments. At […]

How To Improve Your Online Privacy and Security

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When using the internet, you form both good and bad habits which affect your online privacy and security. For example, using your Facebook profile to sign up for other online […]

What is LinkedIn Private Mode and How to View Profiles Using It

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LinkedIn can be a great help for anyone looking to network and advance their career. Though like with any other job searching tool, you have to be smart about your […]