Chromebook Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? 8 Fixes to Try

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Installing Chrome OS updates, for instance, requires an internet connection. So does downloading apps from the Play Store or via the Linux Development Environment. Also, certain applications (video-conferencing apps, for […]

7 Ways to Speed up Your Chromebook

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Chromebooks aren’t as fast as laptops. But, they boot up quickly, offer better battery life, and perform tasks efficiently. Nonetheless, there’s a tendency for your Chromebook performance to deteriorate after […]

What is the Spooler Subsystem App and Is It Safe?

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Virtually all system processes, apps, and services on the Windows operating system have their executable (.exe) files. For instance, SMSS.exe powers the Microsoft Management Console, MMC.exe powers the Microsoft Management […]

How to Fix “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” on Windows

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Resetting your PC is supposed to be the ultimate troubleshooting solution that fixes most system malfunctions on Windows. But what happens when your PC won’t reset? You can use other […]

How to Fix a “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” Error

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You’ll get constant reminders to activate Windows if Microsoft cannot certify the validity of your Windows license or when it’s expiring. This is arguably one of the worst types of […]

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail

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Occasionally deleting unwanted or spam emails is a great way to clean an out-of-control inbox. Should you accidentally delete important emails or conversations while clearing out your Gmail inbox, we’ll […]

How to Save Battery on Chromebook: Top 7 Tips

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Although Chromebooks have incredible battery life, the Chrome operating system lacks built-in mechanisms (e.g. battery saver, low power mode, etc.) that help to prolong battery life. Nonetheless, there are ways […]

Getting “We need to fix your Microsoft account” in Windows 10? How to Resolve

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Do you get a “Microsoft account problem. We need to fix your Microsoft account” notification whenever you sign in to your Windows PC? Or, does the error message pop up […]

What Is mpcmdrun.exe and How To Use It

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The Microsoft Defender Antivirus (formerly Windows Defender) offers round-the-clock protection against all kinds of threats on Windows devices. Despite being a standalone security tool, it is powered by several micro-processes […]

What is USB Selective Suspend on Windows 10 and How to Disable It

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Windows 10 has several built-in features that reduce power consumption. There’s a system-wide Battery Saver, a Power troubleshooter, USB selective suspend, and more. These features help to extend the battery […]