How To Install Android Apps Using The APK File

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Google Play Store isn’t the only source of apps for Android devices. There are many sites that host Android apps as well. You can download apps as special APK files  […]

How To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds In Windows 10

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Your Internet connection isn’t always the culprit for slow download and upload speeds. Sometimes, your Windows 10 PC limits your speeds for various reasons. Luckily, you can change these speed-throttling […]

What To Do When Google Calendar Is Not Syncing

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Google uses a universal calendar system where it syncs your calendar details across all your devices. When the Calendar app stops syncing on a device, you can’t view newly added […]

How To Change The Default Font In Office Apps

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Microsoft Office allows you to use any font that you like in your documents. However, it doesn’t save your font settings when you close those Office programs. This then requires […]

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed: 4 Fixes To Try

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Outlook provides some really great features to make your emailing experience easier and faster. However, many users come across a variety of issues while using Outlook. One of these issues […]

13 Troubleshooting Tips For When Dropbox Files Are Not Syncing

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If you use Dropbox as your primary storage, you need uninterrupted access to your files all the time. Sometimes, you may find that your Dropbox files are not syncing. If […]

How To Change Default Download Location In Windows 10

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Your Windows 10 computer saves your downloaded files in a certain folder on your hard drive. If you want, you can change this default download location on your Windows 10 […]

10 Troubleshooting Ideas For When Your Amazon Fire Stick Is Not Working

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The Amazon Fire Stick comes with many features and there are many third-party apps you can install to extend its functionalities. Occasionally, you may find that your Fire Stick is […]

How To Fix The “Scratch Disks Are Full” Error In Photoshop

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The “scratch disks are full” error in Photoshop usually occurs when there’s no memory space available on your computer to store Photoshop’s temporary files. When this error comes up, Photoshop […]

How To Batch Rename Files In Windows 10

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If you have a bunch of files to rename, manually renaming them would be too time-consuming. One way to save time is to batch rename your files on your Windows […]