The Best 4 Email Marketing Services

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The options for marketing to potential buyers are as numerous and diverse as the buyers themselves. But one method continues to hold a significant amount of power, no matter how many new avenues appear – mailing lists.  A large, responsive email list will result in better conversions than anything else. Whether you’re an author selling […]

How to Protect Your Smart Home From Hackers

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Smart home devices fall in a strange gray area between computers and home appliances. No one thinks of cybersecurity when they look at their coffee pot, but in this brave new world it might be time to consider the security of your home Wi-Fi network while you brew your morning cup of joe.  It seems […]

Switching from Mac to Windows? What You Need to Know

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For a long time, Apple users and Windows users kept to their respective sides of the aisle. There was little overlap between the two user bases, but that has started to change.  Many people recognize the ease of use and simple productivity that Apple provides (and many people love the status and image that comes […]

How To Change Your Wifi Password

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If you kept the default username and password for your WiFi network, it’s probably just because the mangled collection of letters seemed more secure than anything you could imagine. The fact is, it’s better to have a unique name and password for your WiFi. There are more connected devices today than ever before, and entering […]

Is PC Water Cooling Actually Better?

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The introduction of water-cooling revolutionized PC building, and presented a new, incredibly efficient way to cool an entire system. Since that time, water-cooling has been thought of as the ultimate goal for a PC build – sleek, sexy, and high performing. But is it really better than a powerful fan with a good heatsink? This […]

The Best Virtual Private Networks Compared Side-By-Side

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Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are more popular than ever before – and easier to find, too. VPNs let you access the Internet through a secure connection and greatly increase safety when browsing online and accessing personal information. But the benefits don’t just stop there. Through the use of a VPN, you can: Bypass region-specific […]

The 3 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

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Anyone that’s so much as breathed a whiff about Internet marketing has heard the term SEO, an acronym for search engine optimization. This is the process of building clout on search engines, primarily Google, to help a website rank higher in search results. It involves optimizing a page through the proper use of keywords, backlinks, […]

The Skinny on the AMD Ryzen 3000

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At Computex 2019, an international technical conference held in Taipei, AMD announced something that sent tech enthusiasts everywhere into a frenzy: the AMD Ryzen 3000 series, new processors that promise to push the limits on any hardware shown before.  This is notable because AMD has held the second-place spot for processors for quite a long […]

A Breakdown of File Transfer Speeds

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In the modern world, large files are more common than ever before. In the early days of computing, programmers and developers did what they could to compress file sizes out of absolute necessity. In 2019, when NAS devices are readily available and petabyte drives are just around the corner, file sizes do not have to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Making Firefox Safer

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Out of the box, Mozilla Firefox’s open-source browser has more privacy functions than most other mainstream options. While a few of the default settings are powerful bastions against malicious cyber activity, the majority of this safety stems from settings—and as with any kind of software, you can improve the functionality by changing and modifying these […]