4 Best Gaming Monitors Under $300

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For many people, a monitor is a monitor–but for a serious gamer, the type of monitor you use matters. Variables like your refresh rate, input lag, and many other factors […]

The Zapier Email Parser: 3 Creative Ways to Use It

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Everyone wants to reach Inbox Zero; after all, no one wants to be the guy with 20,000 emails in their Gmail account, only the first 1,000 of which have been […]

Zapier Free Plan Features: What You Get and What You Don’t

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Zapier is an automation tool in the same vein as IFTTT, but is arguably more powerful in many ways. While IFTTT excels at smart home applications, Zapier sees a lot […]

MobiMover: An iTunes Alternative for Windows Users

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Since iTunes hung up its hat, there has been no way to manage iPhone and iPad data except through macOS Catalina. Even though iTunes is gone for Mac users, it […]

7 Best Free Email Marketing Services (September 2020)

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No matter what industry you’re part of, email marketing is essential to success. Whether you’re in SAAS, an indie author, or you sell homemade soaps, keeping track of your customers […]

6 Best Apps for Automated Social Media Posting

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A successful web presence requires proper social media management, and that means keeping your followers apprised of updates. The modern world is fast-paced. If you don’t get your news out […]

Spotify Keeps Pausing? 8 Ways to Fix

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Spotify is one of the best music streaming services available, especially if you’re into lesser-known artists. On the other hand, nothing ruins music faster than frequent pausing and buffering. This […]

7 Best Plex Plugins You Should Install Now

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As Plex continues to expand and streamline its functionality, many of its traditional features fall by the wayside. Plugins are one of these. In late 2018, Plex eliminated support for […]

What Is WinRAR? How It Differs From WinZip

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If you’ve ever had to unzip a file, you’re likely familiar with either WINRAR or WinZip. Both are utilities designed to either compress or extract data from compressed files, but […]

Looking for a USB Virus Scanner? Here are 5 To Try

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It’s happened to everyone: Somehow, your computer got infected and now it won’t even start. Rather than take it directly to a repair shop and pay an exorbitant amount, try […]