Give Yourself a Privacy Makeover and Secure Your Digital Life

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Cybersecurity has taken a central focus in many of our lives. The FBI even has a “Cyber Most Wanted” list that details 42 of the most dangerous cyber criminals and groups. The types of cyber crime have expanded from the simple phishing attempts of the early-2000s to far more sophisticated and insidious attacks. With this […]

The Best IFTTT Alternatives

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IFTTT, or If This, Then That, is an online tool that makes it easy to automate almost anything. These automated processes are called “recipes,” and anyone can upload them. If you want to post all email subject lines containing the word “goat” to Twitter, you can. If you want your smart lights to flash your […]

How to Delete Your Alexa Information

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Amazon’s Alexa keeps records of what you say to her. Everyone knows this, and in fact, agrees to it when you agree to the terms of service. The Echo uses its recordings to help it better recognize your individual speech patterns.  Amazon claims not to use the information for marketing purposes, but many users are […]

The Best Free 3D Modeling Software

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3D printers are basically Star Trek technology come to life. The ability to design an object on screen and have it in your hands hours later is nothing short of miraculous, but the key is finding software that lets your printer translate your vision into plastic. There are a lot of options on the web […]

Find Out If Your Email Has Been Compromised in a Data Breach

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Nearly 668 million user accounts were compromised in data breaches that took place in 2018, and an astounding 1.578 billion accounts were compromised in 2017. One of the most recent breaches was BlankMediaGames, creators of the popular Town of Salem title. Over 7.6 million accounts were compromised in that breach alone. When a website you’ve […]