C Tutorial For Beginners: It’s Easier Than You Think!

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There are few programming languages with the versatility and utility of C, but the language itself can often seem daunting, especially to a newcomer. The good news is that C […]

What is Gamebar.exe and Is It Safe?

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Windows is the de facto gaming platform. No other operating system has the same breadth of compatibility that Windows does, but there’s another reason it excels. Microsoft has recently bridged […]

FlexClip Drag-and-Drop Video Editing Software Review

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Video is more prevalent in today’s world than it has ever been. Whether you are making a video of your last get-together with friends or creating a promo advertisement for […]

4 Best WiFi Boosters to Expand Your Wireless Network

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WiFi is a necessity in the modern world, but too many people suffer from weak WiFi in certain spots inside their home. If you want to improve the connectivity on […]

Tribit Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

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Noise cancelling headphones are the ideal travel partners. Whether you’re on a plane with a crying baby or in a noisy coffee shop, sound is the enemy of productivity—and honestly, […]

A Python Tutorial For Beginners: How To Get Started

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and one of the first ones taught in college-level courses. If you aren’t in college (or you want to get a […]

What is Screen Tearing and How to Prevent It?

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Screen tearing is a common problem that occurs in video displays. In technical terms, it takes place when the display shows images from multiple frames at once. But there’s a […]

FreeSync vs G-Sync: Display Technology Explained

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If you have spent any time at all debating between monitors, then you’ve encountered the terms “G-Sync” and “FreeSync.” Unless you are a gamer looking for better performance, the terms […]

4 Best Gaming Monitors Under $300

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For many people, a monitor is a monitor–but for a serious gamer, the type of monitor you use matters. Variables like your refresh rate, input lag, and many other factors […]

The Zapier Email Parser: 3 Creative Ways to Use It

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Everyone wants to reach Inbox Zero; after all, no one wants to be the guy with 20,000 emails in their Gmail account, only the first 1,000 of which have been […]