The best laptop accessories offer a mix of improved functionality and added protection to your device

Whether you want more screen real estate, indulge in games, or to keep your laptop safe, here are the best laptop accessories and gadgets to buy.

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    Best Laptop Accessories and Gadgets

    1. Incase ICON backpack

    The Incase ICON backpack comes with enough storage space to fit your laptop, water bottle, pens, notebook, battery pack and more.

    The bag is composed of 100 percent nylon but has a sturdy frame, which holds steady even when it’s fully weighed down with all your gear. An integrated cable is included on the hip-side power pocket so you can access your audio device or portable power unit.

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    Also included are padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap that help make the bag comfortable to wear. 

    2. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

    If you work from home and need a good desk for multitasking, the LapGear home office lap desk makes it easy to work on your lap. The desk is comfortable and stylish with ample space for your laptop, a slot to stand your phone, and extra width on the surface for a mouse pad.

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    Underneath the lap desk are dual-bolster pillows filled with microbeads for more comfort, and a more stable work surface while in use. The slightly raised lip at the bottom prevents your laptop from slipping off as you move around or reposition yourself.

    3. Logitech C920S Webcam

    Webcams come in handy when you want to dial into a meeting or catch up with friends, but they’re also commonly used for personal video production and live streaming.

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    The Logitech C920S webcam captures sharp 1080p video, has a stand for laptops, tripods and monitors, and requires no setup. The webcam works right out of the box with your favorite video capture or video conferencing software.

    The webcam offers enhanced controls and filters to tweak your images, plus a privacy shutter for when you’re not using it.

    4. Soundance Laptop Stand

    A laptop stand is a great choice for getting rid of shoulder or neck pain after hunching for a long time. The Soundance laptop stand is built with high quality aluminum alloy and features an open design for more natural air cooling.

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    The stand’s universal compatibility looks right at home with Apple’s MacBook line, but fits all laptops between 10 inches to 15.6 inches. Plus there’s space underneath to keep your keyboard, and anti-slip rubber pads on the top that keep your device in place and protect it from scratches.

    5. Mobotron MS-426 Laptop Mount

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    The Mobotron MS-426 is a no-drill mount that bolts onto the passenger seat of your car, which makes it easy to install, remove or fold away. The mount has a sure-grip tray that can hold a tablet or large laptop, and offers lots of working position options with horizontal or vertical motion.

    6. Nacuwa 360 Laptop Sleeve

    If you have a 13-inch laptop, the Nacuwa 360 laptop sleeve offers 360-degree coverage plus all-around protection with padding that lines the entire interior.

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    The shock, drop, and collision-resistant, fully zippered laptop sleeve also comes with extra pockets to fit your chargers and other items. On top of that, you get a strong, durable carrying handle and the sleeve’s soft outside shell provides a layer of water resistance for added protection.

    7. Cimkiz WBO1 and WB02 Webcam Cover Pack

    Computer privacy shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hacking attempts can take control over your laptop’s native webcam, sometimes even enabling it without your consent. 

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    To safeguard your internet privacy, Cimkiz WB01 and WB02 webcam covers block your camera lens when it’s not in use. In the pack are six little covers for your laptop, desktop, phone or other device. 

    The covers have durable adhesive that keeps a firm bond over a long period of time, and are quite thin to ensure your webcam quality isn’t compromised and you can close your laptop fully without problems.

    8. Omni20+ Portable Power Bank

    With a portable laptop power bank, you can have extra charge for your laptop whether you’re traveling or caught in a power outage.

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    The Omni20+ portable power bank has a super-bright OLED screen that shows you every detail you need to know and two 60W USB-C ports for charging your laptop or other items. Other features include two full-sized USB-A ports and two 45W USB-C ports for less power draw, a DC in/out port, and full-on wall socket.

    The charger has a 70-hour capacity, which can be achieved in just three hours, and you can use the flat side of the brick as a wireless charging pad.

    9. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

    If your laptop goes with you everywhere, the WHOOSH! screen cleaner is specially designed with an odorless, non-toxic formula for cleaning your laptop screen.

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    You can remove dust, grime, dirt, germs and other contaminants from your electronics equipment using the ultra-soft microfiber cloth included in the kit.

    Best Lens Cleaning Wipes

    If you’re in a remote location or on the go, slip a pack of Care Check Lens wipes in your pocket or laptop bag. The wipes are made using a gentle ammonia-free formula, which is safe to use on lenses, including those with anti-reflective coating. 

    10. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable

    The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable is 25 feet long, but you can get it in 10-foot and 15-foot versions.  This length is adequate enough to connect your laptop to a TV for video streaming, even if the TV is mounted high up on the wall and you need to set up your laptop a few feet away.

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    The cable is backward compatible with previous versions, and allows you to share your internet connection among multiple devices without using an Ethernet cable.

    11. Mousepad

    If you have a PC gaming setup, a mousepad is an important part of it as it can affect the speed and accuracy of your movements. 

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    Our top mousepad picks are the Corsair MM330 that is spill-proof and has thick padding for comfort, and the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition XL for speed or control.

    Best Extended Gaming Mousepad

    If you want a larger gaming mat, the Razer Goliathus extended gaming mousepad is worth considering. The mousepad is powered by Razer Chroma software and has customizable RGB lighting and three different color combinations to match your gaming rig. 

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    Plus, its micro-textured cloth surface allows for precise tracking regardless of the mouse you use, and a grippy rubber underside to prevent sliding.

    12. SanDisk Extreme PRO

    The SanDisk PRO flash drive has a sleek aluminum casing, which is both eye-catching and durable so you can carry it to a meeting or work and look professional. 

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    The drive offers blistering read/write speeds of 420 MB/s and 380 MB/s respectively, which is ideal for moving large amounts of data between your home or office machines. In addition, you get 128-bit file encryption to secure your sensitive files, and a full lifetime warranty in case of any issues.

    13. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

    The Samsung T5 portable SSD is built to offer durable performance, speed and security. 

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    The portable drive is lightweight and features an all-metal, shock-resistant casing, plus super-fast transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s for transferring 4K videos and other giant files. Plus, its integrated AES 256-bit hardware encryption ensures your data is safe.

    You can connect the T5 SSD to anything thanks to its Type-A and Type-C ports, which work with Windows, Mac and Android devices.

    14. Aukey USB-C Charger

    The Aukey USB-C charger is lightweight, compact and comes with standard USB and USB-C ports for maximum versatility.

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    The USB-C port delivers up to 65W, which is good for charging your laptop or phone in a pinch. However, if two devices are plugged in, the output drops to 45W from each port, but it will still charge faster than the average charger.

    15. LG 27UK850-W Monitor

    If you need more screen real estate for video editing, gaming or multitasking, add a computer monitor to your laptop gear.

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    The LG 27UK850 monitor is a 27-inch top-of-the-line multipurpose monitor with a sleek look, anti-glare screen, and 4K Ultra HD resolution display for dazzling picture quality. In addition, the monitor’s IPS panel supports HDR technology, delivers accurate, vibrant colors and allows for 178-degree viewing angles.

    You also get built-in speakers and a USB-C port that adds to the monitor’s versatility.

    16. iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard

    If you have a phone, tablet and other devices, you can connect them to a wireless keyboard and limit the profusion of cords that clutter your desk. It’s also good to keep an extra keyboard that you can use when your laptop’s built-in keyboard is damaged or the keys stop working.

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    The iClever foldable wireless keyboard is compact, lightweight and highly portable. The keyboard has an impressive battery life of up to 90 hours, which is ideal if you’re traveling.  

    The keyboard folds in two places, stays stable on hard surfaces and comes with a useful pouch to store everything.

    If you hate clutter, check out the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos that will make your life easier.

    17. Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

    If you’re a serial cord cutter, the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse is ideal for home and office use. The mouse has an ergonomically-friendly design to support your hand and wrist plus wheels for maximum speed.

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    Also included are six buttons you can use to personalize shortcuts and controls for different apps like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Plus, its track-anywhere sensor allows you to work on multiple devices at once, and the battery life can last up to 70 days on a single full charge.

    18. Canon PIXMA G6020 Printer

    The Canon Pixma G6020 is a versatile all-in-one printer that boasts a pretty design and other features that round out its performance. 

    The printer has a 350-sheets capacity and uses an ink tank system instead of cartridges, which makes it ideal for high volume printing. 

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    You can use the Canon Pixma G6020 with your Windows laptop, MacBook, Android or iOS devices, and print anything you want wherever you are. The printer also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice controls so you can integrate it into your smart home hands-free commands and network.

    19. Sonos One Bluetooth Speaker

    If you love listening to podcasts or your favorite music, the Sonos Bluetooth speaker offers premium sound quality and other smart features for your enjoyment. The speaker comes with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa built-in, and you can play music on over 50 music streaming services.

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    The speaker is good at picking up voice commands, and allows you to control compatible smart home devices like your thermostat or lights. Plus, it has intuitive touch controls, supports Apple AirPlay 2 and has an Ethernet port for hardwired connections.

    Need more options? Check out our guide on the best Bluetooth speakers to buy.

    20. Razer Kraken Chroma Headset

    The Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma is an advanced, all-purpose USB headset with a unibody aluminum frame designed for extended durability. The headset’s bulky ear cups are made with extra padding for comfort while playing video games or video chatting with loved ones.

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    The headset delivers a customizable surround sound experience that you can control. In addition, its retractable microphone offers noise cancelation and you can move it out of the way when you’re not using it. 

    You can also customize the look and feel of the headphones, including changing the color of the Razer logo on both ear cups. If you want more options for headsets, check out our posts here, here and here.

    Make the Most of Your Laptop

    With these 20 laptop accessories and gadgets, you can create an ergonomic workspace while protecting and enhancing your laptop’s performance. Our list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start as you build up your collection over time.

    Share with us your favorite, must-have laptop accessories or gadgets in a comment.

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