The Gadgets Platform is an application on which Windows Gadgets run on your desktop. No longer confined to the Sidebar as they were in Windows Vista, Windows 7’s gadgets roam free on the user’s desktop.

However, there are times when it may be appropriate to turn off the Gadgets Platform thereby disallowing the use of Gadgets. Learn how to turn off the Gadgets Platform in Windows 7.

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    Why Turn Off Gadgets in Windows 7?

    First introduced in Windows Vista, the Gadgets Platform allows users to float small applications on their desktops to keep important information within reach. Unfortunately, many users of Windows do not find Gadgets to be an important part of their everyday computing.

    Except for a clock and few other useful applications, many people criticize Gadgets as being time and space wasters. Many commercial users who deploy Windows as a computing platform turn off or uninstall the Gadgets Platform to discourage workers from using them to waste company time.

    Luckily, Microsoft made it simple to turn off the Gadgets Platform so users of a PC cannot use Gadgets in the Windows 7 operating system. Before you make the decision to turn off Gadgets in Windows 7, be sure to check with users of the computer; some may rely on default or custom-programmed Gadgets to get work done.

    Turn Off Gadgets Platform in Windows 7

    First, you must log in to Windows 7 using an account that has administrative privileges. Then, click on Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features. Look all the way to the left of the Programs and Features window. There you will find a link titled Turn Windows Features On or Off. Click on it to open the Turn Windows Features On or Off window.

    How to Turn Windows Features On or Off

    This is the window where you can add or disable features in the Windows 7 operating system. It is also where you tell Windows to uninstall the Gadgets Platform from your PC.

    Turn Off Gadgets Platform in Windows 7

    Locate a folder titled Gadgets Platform and notice that there is a checkmark next to it. The checkmark indicates that the platform is currently installed and ready for use by anyone who has an account on the PC.

    Uncheck Gadgets Platform in Turn Windows Features On or Off

    Uncheck the folder, click the OK button, and follow any onscreen instructions. Depending on how you have your PC set up, you may have to elevate UAC permissions to proceed with the un-installation. When done, no user of the PC will be able to use Gadgets in Windows 7.

    The Gadgets Platform is a platform on which Gadgets run in Windows 7. Small, floatable applications, Gadgets can be a mild annoyance for some users of the operating system. System administrators often uninstall the Gadgets Platform so workers do not waste time with Gadgets during work hours.

    Remember, by turning off the Gadgets Platform, you make Gadgets unavailable to all users of a PC, not just your account. Some users who rely on Gadgets to get work done may not be able to do so if you uninstall the Gadgets Platform. Be sure to check with all users of a PC before you turn it off.

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