Disable or Turn Off InPrivate Browsing in IE 8

One of the new features in Internet Explorer 8 is InPrivate Browsing, which helps prevent Internet Explorer from recording any kind of data about your browsing session or habits.

Basically, when in an InPrivate Browsing session, no cookies are created, no temporary Internet files, no history, no form data, and anything else that a browser would normally record.

Note: The InPrivate Browsing feature of IE 8 is different than InPrivate Filtering. InPrivate Filtering prevents other sites from tracking your browsing habits, instead of the browser not tracking your session (InPrivate Browsing).

If you’re an IT manager, this new feature may hinder your tracking of Internet usage for employees, students, etc. There may be times when you need to simply disable InPrivate Browsing for all users on a PC.

You can do this by going into Group Policy and changing the setting there:

Step 1: Go to Start, then Run and type in gpedit.msc.

run gpedit msc

Step 2: Now navigate to the following section:

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Internet Explorer / InPrivate

group policy inprivate

Step 3: Now on the right-hand side, go ahead and double-click Turn off InPrivate Browsing and choose Enabled.

turn off inprivate browsing

You can turn it off for only the currently logged on user by simply going under User Configuration first.

If you keep looking, you will also see the options for turning off InPrivate Filtering, not collecting InPrivate Filtering data, and setting the InPrivate Filtering Threshold. Enjoy!

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  1. I am trying desperately to disable IE8 InPrivate browser. It seems very illusive thus far as nothing not even these directions work. The obstacle comes with the first step..once I type in 'gpedit.msc' i immediately get an error message saying windows cannot find it.

    Why is this not working..am I stuck with private mode? argh :/

    oh, yeah, I have windows vista

    Don't know if this would apply but when I go into the administrator (me) folder and click templates to get to the group profile page the templates folder denies me access..I am the administrator! I should be able to go anywhere on my own computer. Why is that blocked?? I have no other user accounts and am on the main one.


  2. I am also totally frustrated with this feature. I cannot turn it off no matter what. If I follow the instructions here, IE will no longer open. I am running XPpro and I am on a domain without administrative privileges.

  3. Thanks for the tip! It worked fine for me.

  4. The same thing happened 2 me coz im the administrator too (well 1 of them) and it denies me access

  5. How does the administrator check activity on InPrivate browsing?? Can it be tracked?

  6. is there another way to disable the inprivate browsing? like "frustrated" said, i also get stuck on the first step. please help!!

  7. Group edit is not available on all Windows software. This would explain your problem getting to gpedit.msc.

  8. Like 'frustrated' I too ran into the same problem. Here is what Microsoft website says "The problem is that although you type precisely gpedit.msc, Windows 7 cannot find gpedit.msc. The most likely cause is that you have the Home Premium edition. It's most disappointing that you only get gpedit.msc in the Ultimate, Professional (old Business) and Enterprise editions, and not in the Windows 7 Home Premium or Basic editions. " That explains.

  9. This is great! worked perfectly…now how can I do the same for chrome incognito? They must be a way right?

    txs for this site

  10. I, too, have tried the instructions for removing "In Private" browsing in IE 8. I am using windows XP. Is there going to be a solution to this problem?

  11. Hi.

    I am in the same situation as Also Frustrated with XP Pro SP3 and IE8. Internet Explorer does not open after using gpedit to Enable Turn off InPrivate Browsing.

    I am afraid Aseem must review his copy!

  12. Look, I just want this option removed from my computer. Pure and simple. I do not want In Private Browsing on here. My 9 year old son can pop into it, my husband can pop into it. I want this feature gone. It only causes problems. How do I remove, delete, or turn off this option? I am so freaking upset over this; I have been trying for months now and I am getting nowhere.

    I run IE8 on Windows XP Professional for my home.

  13. Look, I've been working on this all night and nothing is working. Just tell me how to get the thing off my computer. This application is ridiculous in the first place. I want it off now. This is not working.

  14. Is there ANY other way to delete/disable InPrivate if we are using Home editions? Without parental control? I am not a parent and don't use any other accounts. I just disagree with the entire InPrivate Mode (known as Porn Mode) idea. If this is now the norm, we are living in a very sad world.

  15. There are solutions to the error problem with gpedit.msc.

    I searched a little and found this:


    What the person named 'lurkswithin' says to do, with opening Notepad and creating a new registry, works completely for me.

  16. is there a way to password protect this feature so no one else can change this confiiguration?

  17. I agree with In The Same Boat…I really just want this disabled… and gpedit.msc wasn't found on my comp. Im not a computer whiz so it's not easy for me to find a way. This just isn't cool…

  18. Oh boy! That inprivate browsing is causing problem with my man. I know what he ‘s up to. ..I tried to remove it permanently not working because we got the basic windows 7 on the laptop. But I was able to remove it on the other computer because it has windows 7 ultimate. Anyway this porn mode is nothing but trouble !

  19. These instructions have worked for me on a previous computer, but I’m having trouble on my current computer. When I type gpedit.msc in the command prompt, I navigate to the Windows Components folder, but I do not see an Internet Explorer folder. I’m not sure why – do I need to look somewhere else? I’m running Windows XP Professional 2002, SP3. Thanks!

  20. I go to run then it says “Windows cannot find ‘gpedit.msc’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?

  21. That damn inprivate thing on my PC wont let me remove it – I DON’T WANT IT – how do I get rid of it. It’s not letting me advance any further when I follow your directions.

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