Force Close/Restart an App Instead of Suspending in Windows 8.1

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drag close windows 8

In Windows 8, there is a new feature by which you can drag an app window from the top and drag it down to the bottom to “close” it. Instead of closing the app and killing the process, Windows simply suspends the app. The system is optimized very well so that these suspended apps don’t […]

Avoid Installing Browser Extensions with Adware or Malware

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chrome extensions

Up till now, I used to install browser extensions and add-ons like a child picking candies from a candy store. I really didn’t think twice about it even though I am extremely careful downloading and installing programs off the Internet. So why in the world I never thought browser extensions could be malicious is beyond […]

Open A Command Prompt to a Folder from Windows Explorer

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open command window

If you’re in IT, you probably have to use the command prompt quite often. You also probably have to navigate to specific folders and run certain commands or executables from that location. I don’t know about you, but having to type in CD foldername ten times is pretty annoying. Of course, there are shortcuts and […]

HDG Guide to Taking Screenshots of Boot Environments

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Ever had to boot from a CD or DVD and wanted to take some screenshots while you were in that boot environment? Maybe you are trying to fix your computer and have to boot using the operating system DVD, but can’t figure out what to do. You could take a screenshot and send it to […]

Turn Off Clicking Sound on Touch and Type Cover for Microsoft Surface

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type touch cover.png

Got yourself a new Microsoft Surface in the last couple of days? The Surface is definitely an interesting new tablet, especially when you pair it with the new Touch Cover and Type Cover that you can use with it. The touch cover is especially cool since it doesn’t even really have buttons like a normal […]

Find the Best Deals on Computer Parts without Coupons

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Purchasing PC parts is for the most part a straightforward process. However, there are a few manufacturer pricing tricks and retailer pricing schemes that effect the price of PC components. In today’s post, we will review some essential tips for buying PC computer parts, which may help you save a few dollars and also help […]

HDG Guide – What to do with an Extra PC?

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dell pc.png

I recently came across a great deal on a used PC. Before, I only owned one computer, but because this PC was priced so aggressively and I’ve been wanting to have an extra PC (with Windows 8 approaching), I didn’t pass it up. In today’s post, we will review the top 10 uses for an […]

Troubleshoot a Failed Hard Drive

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If you get a BSOD or other random error with the Windows operating system, it is usually assumed to be because of a virus, malware or other software error. If you’ve gone through all of the proper troubleshooting steps regarding PC viruses and other Windows software, but still are getting an error with the operating […]

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files in Windows

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If you’ve recently deleted a file, image, video or other data from Windows by accident, then it may still be recoverable. Using a top ranked freeware program that is not only effective but simple to use, you may be able to restore any deleted files. The above screenshot notes that I’ve moved a folder that […]

7 Ways to Backup a Computer

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Backing up your computer is mainly a safeguard that gives you reassurance that if your computer should fail, whether it be due to a virus, BSOD or even a faulty hard drive, you will still have all of your important files and data. There are quite a few options for backing up a computer. Depending […]