How Does Wireless Charging Work?

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Wireless charging lets you charge up your gadgets without having to plug in a USB cable. It’s pretty neat, but how does it actually work? Why even bother? What are […]

The 5 Best Linux Games

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If you want to play all of the latest and greatest computer games, then your only real option is Microsoft Windows. Even macOS, which is gaining in popularity, only gets […]

HDG Explains: How Does WiFi Work?

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WiFi is a wireless networking technology that lets you connect your WiFi-enabled devices to a local network. Using WiFi you can transfer data between local network devices or connect to […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops

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The time of the gaming laptop has finally come. Gone are the days where you needed to pay twice the price of a desktop for half the performance. Modern gaming […]

HDG Explains : How Does Augmented Reality Work?

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Everyone has some idea of what VR (virtual reality) is, but it’s cousin AR (augmented reality) is much less famous. Yet, it’s likely that AR will be a much more […]

12 Best Graphics Cards In 2020

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Graphics cards are an essential component if you want to run intense 3D applications or want better performance in applications that support GPU acceleration. There’s a discrete graphics card for […]

HDG Explains : How Does 3D Printing Work?

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3D printing has become a much more mainstream technology, with printing machines available at just about every price point. Most people who want a 3D printer can probably find a […]

A Beginner’s Ubuntu Linux Guide

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Most computers in the world run on some version of Microsoft Windows. It’s by far the most popular desktop operating system in the world, but when we move to non-desktop […]

HDD Raid Vs SSD Raid: The Major Differences You Should Know

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The storage system of a computer has always been the slowest component in the chain. Your CPU has fast cache memory, which interacts much slower (yet still fast!) with RAM […]

HDG Explains: What Is a GPU?

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The GPU or Graphical Processing Unit is a dedicated microchip that is designed to specifically do graphics-related tasks at a much faster rate than a CPU or Central Processing Unit.  […]