Can You Upgrade an Old Laptop and Is It Worth It?

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Laptops are the most popular type of personal computer and it’s not hard to see why. It’s one simple, portable package that does the job for most people. However, one […]

What Allocation Unit Size Is Best for Drive Formatting

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When you format a hard drive, one of the choices you can make is what size the allocation unit is. Most people just leave it on the recommended default value […]

Best WiFi Encryption for Speed and Why

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How to Access Files on an Old Hard Drive with Windows 10

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How To Fix a “No Internet Secured” Error in Windows 10

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You’re just having a blast surfing the internet, when suddenly a small error message pops up: “No Internet, Secured”. It’s a weird and cryptic message, but what’s perfectly clear is […]

9 Fixes for Critical Structure Corruption BSOD Error in Windows 10

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There is no such thing as a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error that isn’t scary. Still, “critical structure corruption” has to be one of the most scary-sounding errors we […]

5 Best Video Converter Software Apps for Windows 10

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Streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix make video seem easy, but as soon as you have to start working with the medium yourself, things are very different. There are a […]

How Big Is Windows 10 and Can It Be Reduced?

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How big is Windows 10? The size varies based on the exact version of Windows 10 you have installed. It also depends on whether you upgraded from an older version […]

How to Fly a Drone for Total Beginners

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How to Play Steam Games on Android

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Steam is the largest PC gaming storefront in the world. It’s such a market leader that many people think of it as the PC gaming platform. However, gaming is moving […]