Fedora vs Ubuntu: Which Linux Distribution Is Better?

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There are many flavors of Linux and some, such as Manjaro, are quickly gaining a fantastic reputation as modern alternatives to Windows and macOS. However, right now Ubuntu and Fedora […]

SSHD vs SSD Drives: Which Is Better?

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How to Use a Spare Router as a Wifi Extender

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Even the most powerful WiFi routers don’t have the transmission power to serve large residences. With walls, metal objects and simple distance the signal weakens until it begins to affect […]

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor: Pros and Cons of Each

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Do you feel like you just never have enough screen real estate? If you’re using a single widescreen display or use a laptop’s internal display as your main window into […]

Should I Buy or Build a PC? 10 Things To Consider

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Desktop computers are still the best choice if you want the most performance for the least money. Laptops offer mobility, but compromises when it comes to performance and upgradability.  If […]

Can You Upgrade an Old Laptop and Is It Worth It?

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Laptops are the most popular type of personal computer and it’s not hard to see why. It’s one simple, portable package that does the job for most people. However, one […]

What Allocation Unit Size Is Best for Drive Formatting

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When you format a hard drive, one of the choices you can make is what size the allocation unit is. Most people just leave it on the recommended default value […]

Best WiFi Encryption for Speed and Why

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WiFi is actually a collection of different technologies working together to get bits of data wirelessly from one device to another. You have quite a few options when it comes […]

How to Access Files on an Old Hard Drive with Windows 10

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How To Fix a “No Internet Secured” Error in Windows 10

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You’re just having a blast surfing the internet, when suddenly a small error message pops up: “No Internet, Secured”. It’s a weird and cryptic message, but what’s perfectly clear is […]