How to Fix Werfault.exe Error in Windows 10

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Windows 10 has no shortage of cryptic errors and seemingly random problems that crop up from time to time. Which is probably why Microsoft has a dedicated program whose job […]

How To Tell If Your Android Phone Is Hacked

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Our smartphones are incredibly personal devices. With access to just about all the information anyone of a criminal bent could want. This is why getting your phone stolen is a […]

How Do I Activate Voice to Text on Android?

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Modern smartphones can tap into the computing power of giant data centers. Which is why voice recognition and transcription on modern smartphones is accurate, easy to use and often the […]

What Is the Microsoft Windows Search Indexer?

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The Microsoft Windows Search Indexer, which shows up as SearchIndexer.exe in your task manager, has a pretty useful job. It makes your searches in Windows go much faster. However, you’ve […]

Blue Screen of Death Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 10

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The dreaded BSOD or Blue Screen of Death has been around since the introduction of Windows 95. It’s a dreaded error screen that pops up with little or no warning, […]

What Is the Difference Between Sleep and Hibernate in Windows 10?

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How often do you think about the power usage of your computer when you’re away from it? While computers have become pretty power-efficient they can still be significant power hogs. […]

How to Scan to Google Drive with Your Phone

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Flatbed scanners have been the mainstay of image digitization for decades now. The problem is that you probably don’t have one and you almost certainly don’t have one on you […]

What Is Android Accessibility Suite? A Review

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Smartphones are wonderful devices, but they have actually introduced a few problems for people that have special accessibility needs.  For one thing, smartphone interfaces are now strongly visual in nature. […]

How to Overclock Your RAM (and Why You Should)

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The total performance of a computer is the result of various components working together. If one component is too slow, it causes a bottleneck. In any computer, one component will […]

How to Customize the Microsoft Office Ribbon

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When Microsoft first introduced the ribbon to their Office Suite, it caused quite a bit of division amongst those who spend all day using productivity software. Some people loved it […]