VR Virtual Desktop Apps: Can You Actually Work in VR?

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Android GPS Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

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The 5 Top Linux Distros You Should Be Using

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Linux isn’t one unified operating system. Instead, you can get various distributions or “distros” customized for various purposes.  Every version of Linux uses the same core. That is, the Linux […]

The Most Common Video Formats and Codecs Explained

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Digital video is all around us. Whether it’s a disc, a streaming service, or a file on your computer, every video has a specific format. Understanding common video formats is […]

The Definitive Guide to Battery Charging

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Mobile devices are becoming the norm when it comes to personal technology these days, which means that most of the technology you use every day contains some sort of battery. […]

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

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The 5 Best Linux Games

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If you want to play all of the latest and greatest computer games, then your only real option is Microsoft Windows. Even macOS, which is gaining in popularity, only gets […]

HDG Explains: How Does WiFi Work?

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WiFi is a wireless networking technology that lets you connect your WiFi-enabled devices to a local network. Using WiFi you can transfer data between local network devices or connect to […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops

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HDG Explains : How Does Augmented Reality Work?

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Everyone has some idea of what VR (virtual reality) is, but it’s cousin AR (augmented reality) is much less famous. Yet, it’s likely that AR will be a much more […]