How to Remove Audio From Video on Windows and Mac

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Not every video requires sound, especially if the audio quality is poor. Loud background noises, unnecessary chatting, bad language—they can all reduce the quality of an otherwise perfect video, especially […]

Chrome Sound Not Working? 7 Ways to Fix

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Rather than a text-heavy post, more and more websites rely on videos, audio messages and podcasts, hosted on sites like YouTube and Spotify, to jazz up their content and offer […]

DOOGEE S40 Pro Review: Rugged Android Smartphone

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Rugged smartphones have limited appeal, but that’s the point—they’re not for everyone. If you’re working in a hard-hitting environment like construction, or you like to work out or travel to […]

How to Fix a Bad System Config Info BSOD Error in Windows 10

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A Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error can seem catastrophic, especially if you’re working on something important. Unfortunately, BSODs are typically hard to decipher, with error names like “unexpected […]

How to Access the Windowsapps Folder in Windows 10

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The Windows operating system has a file directory structure that hasn’t changed much across major releases. You’ll find the core system files in the Windows folder, user profile data in […]

How to Fix a Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

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A bad system update, a new graphics card, corrupted system files, even a fresh USB mouse—any of these can cause a dreaded Windows 10 automatic repair loop to occur when […]

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

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If you’re using a Windows 10 PC or laptop, then certain settings will be set for you automatically. For instance, when you connect a new monitor to your PC, Windows […]

What Is Google Chrome Helper and Can It Be Disabled?

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Google Chrome has been the browser of choice for most Windows PC users for at least a decade, but it isn’t without its problems. In particular, memory usage in Chrome […]

How to Force Quit Apps on Windows

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When an app on your Windows PC stops responding, there’s only one thing to do: you’ll need to force it to quit. Windows has a few methods available to let […]

Windows 10 Camera Not Working? 6 Ways to Fix

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Unless you’re the kind of Zoom caller who prefers to be mysterious, you’re going to need a working webcam to make high-quality video calls with your friends, family, and work […]