Accessing Local Files and Folders on Remote Desktop Session

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The Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) feature of Windows allows you to remotely view and control remote Windows desktops. Sharing resources between your local and remote PC can be tricky, but it is possible to share your local files and folders over a remote desktop session using RDC or other remote desktop tools like TightVNC. If […]

How to Fix “Cannot renew IP address” in Windows

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A ‘cannot renew IP address’ error on your Windows PC is due to an IP conflict with another device, issues with your Windows network settings, or a problem with your network adapter or router. If you get a ‘cannot renew IP address’ error in Windows, there are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot […]

How To Install & Use The New Windows 10 Terminal

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Windows Terminal is Microsoft’s combined replacement for the command line and Windows PowerShell, letting you run more powerful administrative commands and tools on Windows than you’d otherwise able to use from a graphical user interface. Rather than switch from one tool to another, the new Windows Terminal brings these tools together. You can run Windows […]

How To Clear The Windows Memory Cache

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Rather than running software directly from your hard drive, Windows temporarily stores some of the related data in your system memory. This gives you the benefit of speed—switching back to your software is quicker, because it’s much quicker to access data in your system memory than on your hard drive. Over time, however, this data […]

How To Check Out New Windows 10 Features With Windows Insider

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Windows 10, unlike previous versions of Windows, receives regular feature updates that improve the user experience. Alongside typical bug fixes, Microsoft has continually improved and added to the initial Windows 10 experience since it was first released in 2015. Before Microsoft releases any new features and software to the general public, it rigorously tests them […]

How To Create a Passwordless Login On Windows 10

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If your password is poor, your system is at risk. Rather than rely on outdated security, Microsoft is leading the way with the Windows 10 May 2019 update, which added support for completely passwordless logins. We’ve talked before about how to use Windows without a password, but that isn’t what passwordless logins are about. Rather […]

How to Use DiskPart Utility in Windows

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The Disk Management Tool is a useful, effective tool for managing your Windows disks and partitions, but it isn’t as powerful to use as Diskpart. This command-line tool lets you delete, create and modify partitions on any hard drives or USB storage your PC can detect. We’d recommend using the Disk Management Tool for most […]

How to Use the Windows 10 Sandbox

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A raft of new features was added to Windows 10 with Microsoft’s May 2019 update, but the Windows Sandbox was one of the most important. It’s designed to give Windows users a separate testing environment to try out new or untrusted software as an alternative to using a virtual machine. The Windows 10 sandbox requires […]

How To Disable Reserved Storage On Windows 10

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Windows 10 was released back in 2015, and with regular updates and new features, Microsoft continues to improve the user experience for Windows users. The problem with regular updates is the update process, which can sometimes cause problems. Having enough disk space can be one potential issue to cause a problem with Windows updates, especially […]

How To Create a Shared Storage Drive For Dual-Boot Systems

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While it’s possible to access your Linux partitions in Windows, it’s a buggy solution at best. You can’t easily add or change your files without relying on software that’s no longer actively being developed. Rather than risking your files, there’s an obvious solution for most users who need to share files on dual-boot PCs. Instead […]