How to Delete a File or Directory in Linux

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If you have root access on your Linux PC, you have the power to delete any file or directory you like. This can be dangerous, however, with tools like rm […]

How to Change Password in Linux

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Without a secure password, your data is vulnerable. Easy to guess or previously leaked passwords make a hacker’s job easy—after all, it isn’t hard to breach a user account if […]

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu: Which Is Better?

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There are a number of Linux distributions out there, each with a certain focus or flavor. Some Linux distros are focused on security testing, while others are made for gaming. […]

What Is Windows Smartscreen and Is It Safe?

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Windows 10 includes a number of built-in protections that aim to boost your PC’s security. From integrated antivirus scanning to passwordless logins, Windows 10 offers greater protection than previous Windows […]

How to Pixelate an Image on Windows and Mac

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to pixelate part or all of an image. If you’re touching up a family photo to post online, you may […]

5 Best Linux Distros for Gaming

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Linux is a great platform for many things, but gaming isn’t really one of them. As a server, workstation, or media center, Linux offers many advantages over Windows, such as […]

Firefox Using Too Much Memory? 7 Ways to Fix

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There are many Windows and Mac users who spend most of their time staring at open tabs in their web browser. It’s the center point of activity, allowing you to […]

How to Remove Audio From Video on Windows and Mac

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Not every video requires sound, especially if the audio quality is poor. Loud background noises, unnecessary chatting, bad language—they can all reduce the quality of an otherwise perfect video, especially […]

Chrome Sound Not Working? 7 Ways to Fix

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Rather than a text-heavy post, more and more websites rely on videos, audio messages and podcasts, hosted on sites like YouTube and Spotify, to jazz up their content and offer […]

DOOGEE S40 Pro Review: Rugged Android Smartphone

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Rugged smartphones have limited appeal, but that’s the point—they’re not for everyone. If you’re working in a hard-hitting environment like construction, or you like to work out or travel to […]