What Is Csrss.Exe and Is It Safe?

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You might not realize it, but right now, a number of hidden system processes are running in the background of your Windows PC (if you’re using one). They allow you […]

How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 10

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It isn’t usually advisable to reset your network settings in Windows 10, because doing so can wipe any changes you’ve made to your settings. If you’re struggling with network connectivity […]

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10

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Sharing a computer isn’t always the most advisable thing to do, especially if you’re worried about your family, friends, or someone malicious accessing your files. You could use separate user […]

How to Create a Windows 10 Guest Account

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One of the most important rules of Windows 10 user management is to use a secure password on your account. You shouldn’t share your password with other PC users, especially […]

What Is An Executable File & How To Create One

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What is an executable file? An executable file is a program file that can be run, with a set of instructions or options to make it do something on your […]

How To Compress a PDF on Windows & Mac

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If your document is in PDF format, it’s likely to be in its final format—ready to wow your audience. This is where your highest quality graphics are used and where […]

What Is DHCP Lease Time And How To Change It

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When you connect to a local network, either by WiFi or ethernet, a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server on your network router will issue your device with an IP […]

How to Connect Your Xbox to Your Windows PC

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As a Windows-based device, the Xbox has a lot in common with a typical Windows PC. The Xbox is one of the best consoles for interacting with a Windows PC, […]

How To Uninstall Chromium

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You may be familiar with Google Chrome, but there’s another Google-affiliated browser you might not have heard of: Chromium. Chromium is the open-source alternative to Chrome, sharing much of its […]

How To Change Your IP Address On Windows 10 (& Why You’d Want To)

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When you connect to a local network, the device you’re using is given an IP address, allowing other devices to find and communicate with it, as well as signifying that […]