Fix “Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working”

Here’s another problem that I recently ran into on a client machine running Windows Vista:

Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working

This message kept popping up whenever we tried to open the Windows Security Center. It would pop up 10 times and then disappear. Nothing bad would happen to the system like blue screen or crashing, but it was just annoying.

I’ve also seen this Host Process rundll32 error pop up when trying to open other programs, so it doesn’t seem to be associated with one particular program, which makes it all the harder to solve.

The first way to solve this problem is to try and remember which new software you just installed on your computer. It seems to be caused by one of several programs including Nero, Intel Viiv Software, Vegas Movie Studio, etc.

Method 1 ““ Update or Uninstall Nero software

The first thing to try is to uninstall or update any Nero software on your computer. If you are running an older version of the Nero software, make sure to download the latest version that works with Windows Vista.

If that doesn’t work, you can try this other method to fix the Nero problem:

Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter and rename to Also rename to Reboot your computer and that should hopefully fix your problem if you have a Nero product installed.

Method 2 ““ Rename or re-register

If you don’t have any Nero software installed, it could be caused by other programs such as Intel ViiV Software. If you’re not sure whether you have this software or not, you can go to the C:\Windows\System32 directory and search for the file.

If it’s there in the system32 directory, rename it to Reboot your computer and see if the problem goes away. If not, you can try unregistering the file using the following commands:

regsvr32 /u
regsvr32 /u
regsvr32 /u

Method 3 ““ Turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Another reason Rundll32 has stopped working can be popping up is if you have DEP running. DEP is a feature of Windows XP SP2 and Vista that prevents programs from running if it thinks there could be a problem.

You can turn off DEP by going to the command prompt and typing in the following command:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

Reboot and see if the problem has gone away!

Method 4 ““ Turn off thumbnails in Folder Options

If you are having this problem when viewing pictures or videos in Windows Explorer, you can try one more thing.

Go to My Computer and click on Tools and then Folder Options. On the View tab, check the Always show icons, never thumbnails box.


Your problem should now be gone. Another program that can cause this problem is K-Lite Codec pack, so if you have that installed, make sure to download the Vista version on uninstall it.

As a last resort, you may have a virus or spyware program installed, so run AVG anti-virus and see if it finds anything. Good luck! Post a comment if you have a question.

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  1. Yeah, as you all know I get this messege as well, ever since the 1st day i got Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 I just knew it would screw up by giving me some sort of messege. Anyways…I don't have NERO installed on my pc! I also have 2 more Processes that keep popping up every hour or so, they are

    Bonjour Services – Now i had this installed on Windows XP but never had any messages pop up on XP before. I've been wondering what the hell this is for a long time now, but never really been able to research it.

    I.P Helper – This is another process that says that stopped working, but don't really know what it exactly is, but did some research on it, and it's to do with the IP addresses etc.

    But the most troublesome messge that really bugs me is the

    Host Process Has Stopped Working – I know a lot of people do get it so I am not alone, but I DON'T have NERO installed on my pc,….yet! So I am thinking this process causes the message to show from another software I have installed on my pc, but no idea what it could be.

    I also read a lot people say this causes their Windows Explorer to crash and slows down their Internet Speed and so on. My problem is that it doesn't do any of that, the only thing I get is that the Taskbar refreshes i.e. the Taskbar turns into the old taskbar skin for 1 second and then it's turns back to the aero windows vista taksbar, and that's it…that's all it does when I click CLOSE. Then again, I could be wrong and something might be not working in the background or something.

    Please if anyone could help me get rid off these issues, I would appreciate it!



  2. I got hit by the Vista-incompatible after installing the non Vista compatible Ulead Media Studio 6.5. I've found that 90% of search results on crashes recommend you uninstall it with regsvr32 /u. However, that left me with no working mpeg decoder, as I get no video or sound from within Windows Movie Maker playing mpgs or WMVs. Hopefully the K-lite codec pack will reestablish mpg codec capability.

  3. Thank you very much, I was suffering from the Rundll 32 pop up box for the last 5 hours on my laptop, thanks to your advice on this website it is now fixed. Thank you very much indeed.

  4. I received the following error when trying method 3

    The boot configuration data store could not be opened.

    Access is denied.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Never mind my comment above – figured I needed to run command prompt as administrator. I'll see if this works as Method 1 did not.

  6. i just had the same problem… all you have to do is a system restore to the earliest checkpoint , no files will be effected.

    try it…:)

  7. Method 4 (Turn off thumbnails in Folder Options) worked for me. Incidentally, like DocWoody, I too started seeing this problem after I installed the ULEAD software – which did not work properly anyway. But although I uninstalled it, it could be the culprit.

  8. Grt very nice,

    The 4th method "Turn off thumbnails in Folder Options" helped me to remove this nonsense error message.

    I was surely going to reinstall OS, but you saved my data and time.

    Thanks a ton,


  9. i also face the same problem but i check in my directory "C:WindowsSystem32" i cant find this file –>> How? help Me..

  10. This worked 100% thank you! Not getting the Host Process Rundll32 error anymore.

  11. wow…thanks a million! This solved the Rundll32 problem. Am so grateful for the information you shared here. Thank you.

  12. problem solved. I can see videos now. thanks thanks………

  13. I just spent far too long trying various anti-virus programs and in the end ccleaner (a geuine freeware one) was the only one that sorted it out, and it only took about 10 mins…. argh…… now i can get on with my life. Anyone else experiencing this as a result of a virus type thing, ccleaner's the one

  14. thanks a lot…..was facing the error for quite a time now….removing nero worked for me…ur suggestions are really very helpful

  15. can you plz tell me how to fix the host process services :) i got a message from windows and said that host process services has stopped working and was closed and the internet is considerably slower and i dont know what to do please help:) thx

  16. Should I try this process for webcam? I get the message when I try to use my webcam that's already installed in my laptop.

    Dell Inspiron 1720

  17. Sadly none of these worked for me, even did the restore point. Arrhh ..I don’t know what else to do, still I want to thank you for I see you have helped many people.

  18. none of these have not worked for me.. i tried even ccleaner.. i dont have nero installed.. would someone please help me?

  19. Hi!
    I recently tried to install a program called Encarta Spanish Deluxe onto my laptop. But after installing, when trying to open it tells me it wasn’t installed right and suggests I uninstall and reinstall.

    When I go into the control panel to do so, it tells me that host process rundlll32 has stopped working and won’t let me uninstall it.

    I have tried every single one of these methods and nothing has worked. I’m starting to get really frustrated and annoyed. Ant advice?

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