How to fix “Microsoft Register Server has Stopped Working”

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about working in IT over the last 8 years is trying to successfully find a solution to tough Windows error messages. I’ve written about many before, such as The Device Cannot Start and Stop: 0x00000F4 error blue screen, etc, etc.

Another one I came across recently was the following:

Microsoft (C) Register Server has stopped working

I got this message when trying to register a DLL using the regsvr32 command from the command line on Vista Ultimate x64. I’ve registered DLLs before on Vista Business x32 without a problem, but hadn’t tried it on the x64 edition.

Usually, it seems this error occurs more often on Windows Vista or Windows XP x64 editions and it is mainly caused by the Data Execution Prevention feature of Windows Vista, aka DEP. In order to fix it, you have to add an exception for regsvr32 in the DEP dialog. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Start, Control Panel and click on System.

control panel system

Step 2: Now click on the Advanced tab and under Performance, click on Settings.

system properties performance

Step 3: Click on Data Execution Prevention and select the Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select: radio button.

turn on dep

Step 4: Now click the Add button and browse to C:\Windows\System32 and choose the regsvr32.exe file. When you get the message stating it could make your computer become unprotected and vulnerable to attacks, just click OK to continue.

microsoft register server

Click OK and then click OK again to exit. Now try to run the regsvr32 command again from the command line and you should hopefully not get this error! If you do, post a comment and I’ll try to help! Enjoy!

  1. Zaimin says:

    I have run the above steps and I am still getting this error! Please advise is possible???

  2. lavender says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the advice on"Microsoft Register Server has stopped working".

    I am running Vista and it is the first time I had encounted this problem when trying to install "High Photo Resizer". I asked support but didn't receive reply. But thanks to you the problem has been solved. Thanks again. M.

  3. BobP says:

    Thanks very much! I spent a lot of time looking for this solution and I only with I had found your excellent explanation sooner.

  4. rosch says:

    It seems that there are several versions of regsrv32.exe around. I am trying to disable DEP for it and i receive an error message that DEP could not be turned off for 64 bit executables?!

    So it seems that I have a 64 bit version of regsrv32.exe…

    PS: Vista business 64

  5. smohan123 says:

    I agree with rosch. I had the same problem when I tried to implement this fix.

  6. C.Kumar says:

    I am using windows vists ultimate. The above steps did not work for me. If I run regsvr32 from command line it asks for some binary value. Still I am unable to install the program. please help.

  7. bluesingincat says:

    I am having the same problem with Vista Home Premium, 64 bit. When I try to add it to the exceptions under DEP, I get the message that I cannot alter the file with 64 bit. This so frustrating because I'm just trying to install Sims Castaways for my daughter. I first get the Reg Server error code, then I get an error code for Castaways that says I don't have DirectX installed for the game, which I do have installed. ???????

  8. lizzie says:

    I have followed your instructions, restarted my pc but still get the microsoft c register server message … what now??

    Please can you help?

  9. purna says:

    I have to same problem. When I tried to fix it, it doesn't work. Still getting the registered server not working message. Help me fix this problem!. thanks

  10. Andy says:

    Saved me ages in greif. thanks

  11. brmonet says:

    i tried everything u said…but I got the same response as C. Kumar

  12. atroa says:

    i have this problem on startup. tried this solution however it has not worked. running windows 7.

  13. claude1948 says:

    REf your " Now try to run the regsvr32 command again from the command line and you should hopefully not get this error!"

    Actually where is this command to be found ?

    Can you help ? Thanks. I have gone through all the above steps to fix the problem but am now held up for I cannot run the regsvr32 command.

    How can this be done ?

    thank you !

  14. says:

    restart comp after doing this…

  15. Tymotzues says:

    Hey all
    I'm posting here because it's the first site I came across when looking for a solution for this problem, even though it didn't give me a direct fix it set me on the right path.

    So for those of you who are dealing with the 64-bit issue you need to follow the above instructions except instead of going to:


    you need to go to


    and then choose the regsvr32.exe file that's there instead

  16. Anianna says:

    Thank you, Tymotzues. I was suffering the 64 bit error. Thank you, Aseem, for the fix.

  17. Ian says:

    FWIW, I'm running a 64bit 7 OS, tried all of the above but problem is still happening.

    I even went so far as to completely disable DEP via an administrator command prompt execution, which successfully disabled DEP but still didn't prevent regsvr32.exe from crashing pretty much on start-up.

    Any other thoughts are welcome.

    Computer, incidentally, is a brand new ASUS N61JV. The problem first appeared after Windows updates downloaded themselves. Despite uninstalling updates, I couldn't fix it, so I went for a recovery on the new system.

    Six Windows updates downloaded the second time around for updates to Office 2007, and the problem has reappeared. May or may not be connected to updates.

  18. jrdregs says:

    Outstanding directions and thank you so much for your information. You saved me tons of headache installing Audio Editor Pro 3. I also did not hear from their support.

  19. bb says:

    I've tried the fix posted by Tymotzues for Windows 7, yet I still get the same error on startup. Any ideas?

  20. Conrad says:

    I don't have a Data Execution Prevention tab. Running Windows XP Professional. What do I do now?

  21. thanatos says:

    On Windows 7 Home Premium, it doesn't work at all. I still got the message. Anyone else got ideas that actually work?

  22. Jordy says:

    So it looks like everyone with Windows 7 64-bit OS is in the same boat.

    I'm checking Windows updates and I am going to try downloading some of the compatibility ones that are optional. (Like everyone else, I have tried everything mentioned here and more.)

    Here's to hoping they work.

  23. HepComp says:

    I've been trying to install Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 on a Vista machine and I got this, "Microsoft Register Server has stopped working".

    How do I fix this?

  24. Solution Asus + Wind says:

    Go to Start menu > type msconfig.exe > Enter > go to Services tab > disable AFBAgent > OK > Restart windows

  25. Abboda says:

    Thank you for your solution,it worked for me on vista home premium.

  26. Rainbow says:

    I tried this, but after trying to execute regsvr32.exe I got the message stating that you can not set DEP attributes on 64-bit executables. Any help would be appreciated.

  27. morteza says:

    It seems that there are several versions of regsrv32.exe around. I am trying to disable DEP for it and i receive an error message that DEP could not be turned off for 64 bit executables?!

    So it seems that I have a 64 bit version of regsrv32.exe…

    PS: Vista business 64

  28. Warren Smith says:

    Thanks for this. When I try to follow your instructions in Win 7, however, I get an error message, “You cannot set DEP attributes on 64-bit executables.” Any ideas>

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