How To Check the Proxy Server Settings on your Computer

This is part 3 of our series of how to troubleshoot Internet connection problems, I hope is being helpful to some of you. I talked about “Client for Microsoft Windows” on the last post, also in rare occasions especially when you are using Internet explorer, proxy Server settings change automatically on your browser; I have seen this behavior mostly on computers on a domain, but I’m sure it also can happen to stand-alone computers. So to make sure this is not your problem let’s go check, go start>control panel and click on Internet Options that should bring the Internet property window, click on connections tab then right at the bottom click on LAN settings make sure automatically detect settings is checked on the automatic configurations option, most LAN configurations these days don’t need proxy server settings.

So far we have covered the basic on how to troubleshoot common problems with Internet connection, and should suffice to fix most problems people have connecting to the Internet; in the following posts I will be talking on how to troubleshoot more advanced Internet issues like DNS DHCP and gateway problems. “˜til then.

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  1. Thank you for this posting. Finally I’m back online to apply for jobs.

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