How to Take Instant Screenshots using OneNote 2010

I am a heavy screenshot taker.  I use it to take pictures of windows, buttons, and screens that are otherwise hard to explain using words.  Seems like Office 2010 developers are aware of this growing demand for better screenshot taking tools also.  Traditionally I use the print screen button and then crop the image using another tool like MS Paint.

Well MS Paint is OK but if you want to take notes while creating screenshots, it is not really an efficient process to use Notepad or Word and then MS Paint to capture screenshots.


Along comes the updated Onenote 2010, which lets you take screenshots directly into a OneNote notebook by pressing the Windows button and the letter S.  Once you hold the windows button and S, the whole screen will be covered with a white mask and any are that you select using a mouse will be recognized as a cropped screenshot capture.


The good thing about OneNote is that it automatically adds a timestamp to the screenshot image.  This way tracking the creation dates of those images becomes easy – unlike before where you had to save the image as a separate file and use Windows to figure out the creation date.

It is those time consuming tasks that OneNote eliminates with this new Windows-S hotkey capability.  Since the image is part of the OneNote document, you now have more drawing capabilities like lasso select, panning hand, highlighters, etc that are not in MS Paint.


This tip is best for quickly capturing your desktop with the intention of adding notes and annotations to the images. Enjoy!

Ben Carigtan shows you how it’s done.

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  1. This feature also exists in OneNote 2007.

  2. I use this in OneNote 2007 but the background of the OneNote page is pink. Does anyone know how to get it to be white….

  3. How do I use the lasso select in OneNote 2010?

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