How to Export Your e-Mails from Outlook Inbox

are you leaving your job and want to carry your e-mails with you? or you want to have a back-up of your inbox e-mails? either way, this post is for you. Outlook has a nice feature to export the e-mails from your outlook inbox to an excel spreadsheet or text file. many times I receive phone calls from ex-employees wanting to retrieve important e-mails they left behind in their work e-mail accounts.

I just tell them, sorry dude, e-mail accounts are deleted as soon as the employee leaves the company, even though is not true, we normally just disabled the account for a few weeks and then deleted. but what the heck, he is not an employee anymore, so why should be wasting my time doing stuff a knucklehead forgot to do before leaving? go to hell. so if you don’t want to be ranting with a slob IT person like me (:>) after you leave your job for e-mails, then get them while you can.

the process of exporting e-mails in outlook is very simple. while your outlook is open, go to File then select Import and Export:

Outlook-Import and Export

on the next screen select Export to a file:

Outlook-Export to a file

On the following screen as a file type select Comma separated values (Windows)

Comma Separated Values Windows

Next, on the folder to export from, choose Inbox:

Outlook Inobox

Next, choose the location where you want save the file:

Saving Outlook data

on the next screen click Finish:

Outlook Export-saving file

after clicking finish, all your messages from your active inbox should get exported the excel file you just created. open the file to make sure all your messages are there.

in the next post, I will show you how ton import the e-mails back to Outlook..

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  1. very useful tips.

    need to test the formation after transformat

  2. I have just exported (by mistake) my BT YAHOO inbox to my own Outlook program and cannot retrieve it. I did this by hitting an "import" button in Outlook while looking for stray emails.

    Can you help please?

  3. Please ignore my earlier comment/cry for help. Problem solved.

  4. didnt work. Nothing got exported, except for the title of emails, but not the contents. What am I doing wroing? many thanks Marina

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