Office 2013 – Replace Someone’s SkyDrive with Your Name

In Office 2013, you can save your documents to the cloud using Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service. You get a decent amount of free space and you can access your files via Mac, Windows, the Internet, or smartphone if you saves your files there. I have tested it out by using my SkyDrive account and it works fairly well.

The only odd issue I noticed was that when I went to save a file in any of my Office programs, the SkyDrive account was always listed as Someone’s SkyDrive, which was kind of annoying.

someone's skydrive

If that annoys you also and you’re not seeing your name, then it means your SkyDrive account profile does not have your name info entered yet. You can fix this by going to and logging in. Once you do that, click on your email address at the top right and click on Edit profile.

skydrive name

If you haven’t add a name to your account yet, you will see a notice up at the top with a link to Add your name.

add your name

Go ahead and type in your name and then click OK.

add name to skydrive

Now when you go to save a file in Office 2013, you will see it says your name rather than Someone’s SkyDrive account.

skydrive account name

So there’s a simple tip for fixing a small nuisance, but something that was really bothering me! If you are having trouble with office updating your name even after adding the name to your SkyDrive account, you can try a few things:

1. Restart your computer

2. Remove the Microsoft account from Windows 8 and use a local account. Then switch back to the Microsoft account.

3. Switch to a different user in Office 2013 and then switch back to the current user

If you’re still having issues, post a comment here and we’ll try to help. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello,

    I already spent sometime without success trying to do what you explain in above issue

    What am I facing:

    I sent a mail from my PC to myself with an Excel file attached

    I open the mail and the Excel file with my winphone (7.5)

    I saved the file in Skydrive, “Skydrive of SomeOne” at the time

    I checked my name & profile are ok (…, name) and I cannot get ride of “SomeOne”

    From my PC I have no access to “Skydrive of SomeOne”, that I understand.

    Same thing if I create an “Office” file with my winphone, I have no other choice to store than “Skydrive of SomeOne”

    It looks like I missed one step in the setting but I cannot find which one ??

    On the reverse, with files PC to Skydrive, it works without pb

    At this point, I think the best is to delete “Skydrive of SomeOne” including the files stored there but I have no idea how to proceed

    I will appreciate your help

    Many thanks

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