Repair Microsoft Office 2010

We have previously written about the Microsoft Office Diagnostics tool available in Microsoft Office 2007 (see our post, Use the Microsoft Office Diagnostics Tool to Diagnose Problems in Word 2007). Unfortunately, that tool has been removed in Microsoft Office 2010.

However, you can repair Office 2010 using the Programs and Features tool in the Control Panel. To do this, click Control Panel on the Start menu.

Opening the Control Panel

The Programs and Features link is easier to find in the Control Panel if you choose to display all the tools and not the categories. To do this, select Large icons or Small icons from the View by drop-down list.

Selecting Small icons from the View by drop-down list

Click the Programs and Features link.

Selecting the Programs and Features tool

Find your version of Microsoft Office 2010 in the list of programs installed on your computer. Right-click on the name and select Change.

Changing the Microsoft Office installation

A dialog box displays allowing you to change your installation of Microsoft Office 2010. You can Add or Remove Features, Repair the installation, Remove Office 2010, or Enter a Product Key. Select Repair and click Continue.

Choosing to Repair your Microsoft Office 2010 installation

The progress of the repair, or the Configuration Progress, displays. This may take a while.

Repair progress

When the configuration is complete, click Close.

Repair complete

The final screen of the configuration process recommends that you exit and restart any open Office programs. However, you may need to reboot your computer. If you the following dialog box displays, and you still have some programs open, click No and proceed to close all open programs. Then, reboot your computer manually.

If you do not have any programs open, you may click Yes to reboot your computer immediately.

Reboot now dialog box

This method of repairing Office 2010 does not provide detailed test results like the Microsoft Office Diagnostics tool available in Office 2007, but hopefully it will fix your installation of Office 2010.

by Lori Kaufman

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  1. This was most helpful. I'm a novice (amazing, isn't it?) in Microsoft Office, and I was stuck because Word insisted on closing itself suddenly.

    Thank you.

  2. I have tried going through this process. It says repaired successfully, but that is as far as it goes. My Office 2010 starter still does not work.

    What can I do?

  3. You ought to know by now that going to Programs/Uninstall does not fix Windows Starter 2010…… While we are having to go through all these fake leads, it is simply adding insult to injury… It seems Microsoft and HP won't help either, when they ought to send all of us who have bought the system a free installation disc for the program. I have tried other so-called instructions on fixing this lousy program, and still no luck…. It's really discussing considering we've paid to have this program working in our machines!!

  4. I have tried this. on this particular installation when I choose change the office splash screen comes up and then goes away and nothing happens. Uninstall works fine but since the client doesn't have their disks anymore that is not really an option.

  5. I have two laptops running windows 7. On the older one, The starter 2010 Word runs OK, on the other, the newer Acer, it has never even started and is useless. I have installed Abiword on that one after wasting quite enough time trying to get it working. Poor Show Mr. Gates.

  6. Well I guess I will just have to switch to a different product. I can’t stand it when a fix doesn’t work that is reported to be the solution. I can’t seem to fix this problem with the office starter so I’ll just use something else.

  7. I too am having same issue. I have tried the above, gone through the microsoft website and found that the %app….etc was ok and found how to uninstall and re-install Starter 2010 and STILL no luck! WHAT THE HELL!! This is absolutely rediculous – I use excel on a daily basis and to not be able to use it is like chopping off my legs – my budget and everything and then to come on and see almost EVERYONE that has it installed has the same issues!

  8. I have used MSOffice extensively since it’s ‘birth almost 15+ years ago.

    Oh,I have list a mile long of moans and groans, but there is one major complaint which continues to piss me off.

    Uninstalling Office is a major pain.

    It is almost impossible. I have even BdUp then nuked systems to correct Office problems!

    If you UNINSTALL through CONTROL PANEL, then boot and reinstall, Outlook will ‘find’ the old //datafile.pst and settings and registry hives and viola! your problems reappear.

    Now if anyone knows how to COMPLETELY uninstall, irradicate, Microsoft Office, do share that with us.

    It completely escapes me why Miscrosoft hasn’t provided a clean,down-and-dirty uninstall.

  9. Microsoft 2010 home office can not be fixed through the repair feature. I am absolutely totally disgusted with this program . Does anyone know how to get your money back?

  10. I have the disc to reinstall – won’t let me do that. Won’t let me uninstall. When I click Change, no Repair prompt appears. So I am stuck with Office entirely unable to be opened and not fixable – really frustrating!

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