Fix “Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632.WPC” Error

Recently, I had a user in my office get the following error when trying to open a Word document:

Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc.

Whenever the user clicked the OK button, it would simply pop back up. What was really weird is that if she clicked on the red X button, the document would open just fine! Strange!

The user was running Office 2007 and getting this error. After doing some research, we came across a few possible solutions. In this post, I’ll list them out here.

Method 1 – Unregister Text Converter

Basically, in Windows XP SP2 and above and Windows Server 2003 SP1 and above, if you have a plain text file or another kind of file that is not a Microsoft Word file, but has a .doc extension, you will get this error.

This can also happen if you are opening a really old document created by Word for Windows 6.0 or Word 97 documents. In this case, you can disable the mswrd632 converter so you don’t get this error. The files will then be opened by the Microsoft Office text converters.

You can unregister this converter by going to Start, then run and typing regedit. Then navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\MSWord6.wpc

mswrd632 error word

Right-click on the MSWord6.wpc key in the left hand pane and choose Delete. If you have a Word 97 document, you should still be able to open it in Word 2003 or 2007. However, you will not be able to open these files in WordPad anymore. You’ll get an error like:

Cannot load Word for Windows 6.0 files

If you really have to use WordPad to open Word 6.0/95 files, you can re-enable the Word 6.0/95 for Windows and Macintosh to RFT converter. Open the registry and go to the following keys:

For 32-bit versions of Windows

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Applets\Wordpad

For Microsoft Windows on Windows 64 (WOW) mode

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Applets\Wordpad

If the Wordpad key is not there in the left-hand pane, create it. After that, create a new DWORD value in the right-pane called AllowConversion and give it a value of 1.

Method 2 – Copy the MSWrd632.wpc File

The other way to solve this issue is to copy the MSWrd632.wpc file from another computer to the computer having problems.

The only issue with this is that it is less secure and makes your computer vulnerable to a possible security hack, so don’t do this unless you really have to or that computer is not connected to the Internet.

You can usually find this file in the following path:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv\

That’s about it! If you are still having this problem, post a comment here and I’ll try to help! Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks much. Have had the same problem with older pgm of Spanish Learning. However, my experience was not quite the same. If clicking on the red X 3 -5 times, eventually the document would open. I'm using Windoze XP Pro and Office 2000. Hadn't tried to open it in WordPad so don't know if that worked or not.

    You're a valuable asset; if I can help at all please let me know. I do repairs on Computers (hardware) and various electronic equipment. Have professional company in So. CA.


  2. I've got a problem with my computer. It started by deleting the names of my files, and replacing them with squares and other funny symbols.

    Now I just find it impossible to save my files from my laptop to my pen drive, to open in another computer because. This is because I keep getting the message "word cannot start the converter mswrd632. I'm just wondering if this could just be a virus, because most my files are unreadable.

    Please just tell me what is wrong with my computer. It just started all of a sudden!

  3. This did not help with the problem in Word. Any other suggestions?

  4. i delete the mswrd6.wpc given in method 1. even that my word files are not opened yet, what can i do more please give sol.

  5. After I got the following message: "Can not start converter MSWrd632". I lost my word file after clicking ok to convert. Can I return to the file again….the file is 0 bytes.


  6. Wlw, it worked. I deleted MSWord6.wpc and that resolved the problem!

  7. I tried this solution, but I'm still getting the same message. Please help!

  8. ya same here. tried all methods everyone has described (couple others on other sites), and i still get this message. grrr

  9. I'm getting this message while trying to open a Mac Word file in MSWord 2007. Deleting the registry entry didn't help. When the file finally opens, it is full of non-printable characters.

  10. I deleted the following regedit key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc" and it did not do the trick. How do I get it back?

  11. The fix of deleting the mswrd632.wpc registry key is meant to correct the problem of failure to open a text file with a .doc extension (this used to be very common). However, many people, including me, who are receiving this error message are trying to open Word 2003 files – not text files with the .doc extension. The MS fix does not work.

    Though I have found numerous inquiries on the Web about Word documents, I have only found solutions stemming from the MS fix for text documents.

  12. Hi,

    I have tried all of the possible fixes to resolve this error, but am still unable to resolve the problem.

    Using XP, SP3. Office 2003, compatability pack for 2007

    We deploy WSUS updates and so far we have had two lots of bad updates…this convertion one being the second. so far only myself and two other colleagues have complained about it.

    I have edited the registry, to allowconversions, I have deleted the registry edited as suggested above, I have removed the KB970304 Update, and finally copied the text conver folder from a known workiing PC across and still no luck! I have done plenty of restarts in between each task! this document the user cannot open from outlook is clearly a .doc as another user can open this fine with a few pages of data, so why can't myself and two other users do the same? we should all be getting the same updates…we all use the same OS and sp packs are all the same…we even tried opening this doc on one of the machines having installed office 2007 and then the beta 2010…

    I'm pulling my hair out and have spent way too many hours trying to clear up Microsofts crap updates….

    someone please help me, please!

  13. Hi,

    When opening the word document from an application, it is throwing the above error. what will be resolution in this case?

  14. hola k tal, sabes hace unos dias quice abrir unos archivos y me sale una ventana, con unos cuadrados haciendome entender k el archivo no se ah podido convertir, cosas asi sale una ventana con simbolos, es decir cuadros, punto, comas, etc. noc d k manera me pudieras ayudar para abrir estos archivos. t agradecere de antemano tu ayuda.

  15. This site is good..

    remove this registry key..

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc

    remove this files.

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConvmswrd632.cnv

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConvmswrd832.cnv

  16. I am having the problem described above (getting message that it cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc. I have XP 2002 and cannot find the text converter file you show in the registry.

  17. Thanks bunches. This did the trick!

  18. I am getting this error as well. Using Word 2003 and they are Word documents. This is critical to find a fix as I am sending out my resume and I am afraid they are not opening for the receiver. Two have notified me that they would not open. I have tried everthing listed above and one time it worked for a while and then started up again. I need a fix bad. Can anyone help. Has anyone tried reloading Office 2003. Any help would be appreciated.

  19. please we really need advice for the same issue, me too after I got the message “Can not start converter MSWrd632″. I lost my word file after clicking ok to convert. it's not deleted but it's plain. Can I return to the file again….the file is 0 bytes


  20. This worked for a user of mine using Word 2003:

    1. Open regedit, Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc

    2. EXPORT the key BEFORE deleting it.

    3. Delete the key

    4. Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConv and RENAMED the following files:

    mswrd632.wpc -> mswrd632DOTwpc

    mswrd832.cnv -> msword832DOTcnv

    I don't know if it is necessary to rename mswrd832.cnv, but I did it for sake of being thorough

  21. I have tried all the same things. We have Word 2007 installed, and are trying to open Word 2003 files. We are using WinXP, anyone else have any suggestions? Anything elsel that we can try?

  22. I have Windows Word 2007 and I have read the comments above, I have the same problem. If I try to convert the text it simply won't work, the converter tells me to "choose the code that makes the text readable" but none does. I have already tried to uninstalled the converter, as sugested above but the problem remains unsoloved. The weidest of all is that it´s just a few documents that I have trouble with, the others work perfectly. Please help me, I really need those documents.

  23. I still have problems with MSWRD632.WPC error. Please help immediately.

  24. hi! i'have the same problem..

    as Roddy said only same documents not open, other open normally!!

    i haven't MSWord6.wpc but only MSWord8.wpc on my registry.. i have to delete this or not?

  25. I deleted the MSWord6.wpc, but still get the error. I'm trying to open an email doc. attachment.

  26. This didn't work for me. Now it wants me to select the file encoding to make it readable. Any other solutions?

  27. I recovered some ".doc" files I had deleted in error, 2-3 days ago. I used "On-Track Easy Recovery" software. I got the files back OK but when I try to open them, I get the error message: "Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632.WPC”. I am able to open all other ".doc" files in my computer. Why not these? Any ideas?

  28. I haven't had the problem myself but has anyone having the problem looked at Microsoft's website for a solution?.

    Check out

    After getting to the website, FIRST see if there is a disclaimer at the top of the page before doing anything else.
    The disclaimer may read something like this:

    System Tip
    This article applies to a different version of Windows than the one you are using. Content in this article may not be relevant to you.Visit the Windows 7 Solution Center.

    At the bottom of the page, there is a list of Operating systems this fix applies to.

    There is a Fix it button that presumably one would just click on to make the corrections and for the more adventurous, there is a Fix it myself button.

    I would create a restore point FIRST or better yet, a good backup of my C: drive and then I'd give it a try.

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition (32-bit x86)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (32-bit x86)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit x86)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter x64 Edition
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise x64 Edition
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition for Itanium-Based Systems
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition for Itanium-based Systems
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

  29. Really hoping someone can help. I tried the various fixes and still cannot open the original document that causes the error message. And now, ALL of my existing documents have converted to Wordpad. I don't even care about the original doc anymore.

    How do I get my other docs back into Word?

  30. rmore, your suggestions did the trick for me: Windows XP Pro SP2 MSWord 2002 on checking the website. Everything seems to be working normally. Thank you, again.

  31. I, too, was experiencing the same error when attempting to open a .doc file with Word from Office 2003. I decided to go with the assumption that the .doc file I received had actually been created as a Word from Office 2007 file with the extension simply changed from .docx to .doc, rather than actually being saved in Compatibility mode originally. I changed the extension on the file to .docx, and Word 2003 was able to open it without issue.

  32. Some on this thread have other problems, but I got this same error when I saved a Word 2007 file with a .doc extension and I tried to open it with Word 2003.

    I have installed the .docx to .doc converter (download FileFormatConverters.exe from Microsoft), so I saved the email attachment and renamed it to .docx.

    When I opened it again, the converter ran OK.

    Hope that helps someone here.

  33. Thank you!

    I just experienced this problem today. I had been reading the error in the Help Desk Geek newsletters for the past one week but I never bothered clicking on the who article…

  34. Resubmitting the query with alt email Id: Does the same apply to Word 8 as well?

  35. Guys, I was using Office 2010 on XP without any problem. Since i have installed Windows7 3 days ago, I'm not able to open my old's documents created in other version of office, it's giving me "Word Cannot Start the Converter MSWRD632".

    How can I solve me problem?

  36. I think this converter business is a hoax. I think the file has just simply corrupted via not saving well.

  37. Thanks, our campus just installed office 2010 and I was having this issue.

  38. I found out how to fix it!!

    Go to the below Microsoft site and click the "FIX IT" button and it will fix it for ya !!! Yay it worked on mine. None of this other stuff worked but this did. :-)

  39. I just had the same issue, but it all turned out to be a red herring. Upon opening the .doc file, I got the error and clicking OK just kept repeating the error. I then clicked the red X and Word went into its conversion import process (like what you get for a CSV file). I noticed the first two characters were PK which is indicitive of it being PKZIPped, so I renamed the file to .ZIP and opened it up.

    On doing so it becamce obvious that it was a new microsoft document with the compressed xml, etc files/directories which I had seen in Word 2007 files, so I then renamed the .zip to .docx and opened it up in my word 2003 system as I already had the office 2007 converter pack installed.


  40. Same problem. Word cannot start the converter mswr632. I tried all the tricks but it can't work and my boss is on my case. I did a backup on my flash disk and tried to open the same docs to a different PC but, alas! What can someone do?

  41. My case was the same as Jason Said above – somehow someone renamed a Word document to a .DOC even though it was a .DOCX. Renaming the file with the proper extension fixed us up.

  42. It would seem the real fix for this issue is to reinstall Office. I had tried the other fixes out there and sometimes Microsoft's FixIt file works but most of the time I have to reinstall Office. Note that I'm not saying to repair Office but to uninstall, then do a complete, new, fresh install.

  43. Jason's solution helped me the most. To simplify what he said:

    Change the file extension from .doc to .docx.

  44. I have a friend who called me in a panic. When going into Word 2007 and trying to open a document, he'd get the "Word cannot start the converter MSWRD632.WPC” error. I asked him to create a new document, type something, save it, and then re-open it. The newly created document opened fine – no error. He also mentioned an error when opening Excel.

    He has two PCs w/Office 2007, so I had him take a couple of the files he was having problems with and copy them to that PC and open them. He got the "Word cannot start the converter MSWRD632.WPC” error again, however, the documents on that PCopened fine. He noted that when the error and box are open, all of the choices in the list of converters are grayed out.

    I had him run a virus scan which he said came up clean. At this point I was at a loss. I found the "How-to-fix" this on the internet by going into the registry and went over there but it didn't work.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    OS – XP SP2

  45. I had a client with the problem, which was not resolved by the recommended actions. I fixed it by inserting their Office CD, then changing the installation (remove/install features) and removing, then reloading, the converters and filters.

  46. Tried the registry key removal method without success, but then saw Jason's solution and that's what worked for me. Just renamed the file from .doc to .docx and Word opened it up just fine.

  47. Had this problem for many weeks. The solution detailed in Method 1 worked like a treat. Many thanks.

  48. This is very helpful. I just follow these steps and wolla!!.. The error is gone. Kudos to the Author.

    1. Open regedit, Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc

    2. EXPORT the key BEFORE deleting it.

    3. Delete the key

    4. Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConv and RENAME the following files:

    mswrd632.wpc -> mswrd632DOTwpc
    mswrd832.cnv -> msword832DOTcnv

  49. I have tried the same thing but of no avail. Please help.

    1. Open regedit, Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc

    2. EXPORT the key BEFORE deleting it.

    3. Delete the key

    4. Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedTextConv and RENAME the following files:

    mswrd632.wpc -> mswrd632DOTwpc

    mswrd832.cnv -> msword832DOTcnv

  50. I had this problem and nothing works, but the problem is that as I think Word uses "mswrd632.wpc" for every not recognized format. So, try to find the correct extension of the file.

    I opened the file with Notepad and found: ..Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64. So, it wasn't the .doc file, but the .eml containing the .doc file. After renaming it to .eml Outlook Express opened the correct document without any problems.

  51. Try renaming your offending .doc file to .docx. That just worked for me.

  52. I did that in MS Word, but it is still not working. It is showing same option.

    Please give any other suggestion.

  53. I followed the steps in the registry editor but when I reach to the import part, there's no msword6.wpc.

    Please help! :(

  54. This problem popped up for me 2 days ago as well. I have a pretty fresh install of Windows XP Pro with SP3 and Office 2003. I noticed that I was having this problem with a lot of older legacy Word documents that I saved from my old system, however newer docs seemed to open fine.

    I tried all the registry fixes as well as the Microsoft "Fix it" routine from the web site. I also tried a file on another system with Office 2003 and the problem still happens on older files.

    Someone posted something here about changing the extension to docx, I know for a fact these files were created with Word 2003 so I didn't think that would fix it and it didn't. However in the course of trying that, I ran across the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats" download.

    After installing this I can open old documents again with no problem (even files from 2000) however I still can not open any older files that I tried to open before and had this problem. Perhaps they were corrupted while I was trying to open them. I think the ones I tried to open are goners but I have not found a new one with the problem since installing the compatibility pack.

    Hope that helps someone!


  55. Hello.

    The following worked for me.
    1. Install Microsoft 2007 to 2003 converter.
    2. Rename the file with .docx extension.

    It worked.

  56. I tried both these solutions, as well as the fix at, but I still have no success. All my work since 2004 is influenced by this, and I have documents with deadlines that I need to complete soon.

    Anything else?

  57. Saving my .doc file as a .docx file worked for me, also.

  58. Installing the Compatibility Pack as suggested by StevePTechSupport solved my issue instantly.


  59. Changing of the file extension from .doc to .docx, this worked for me!!! Thanks!

  60. I, too, had the same problem but have found a solution, at least for me:

    The .doc file you have is possibly a .docx file that has, for some reason, had the file extension changed.

    Rename the file from filename.doc to filename.docx and open it.

    Word should then be able to read it (assuming you have the 2007-2003 converter installed).

  61. Thank you. I have the same problem and I fixed it using your instructions.

    I just deleted the first line according to the instructions. Thank you, again.
    You can unregister this converter by going to Start, then run and typing regedit. Then navigate to the following key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsText ConvertersImportMSWord6.wpc

  62. If this doesn't work, the file may be a Microsoft document image even if it says .DOC. Save somewhere, "open with" and select Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Save as something else if you don't like this format (like print to .pdf).

  63. I did the removal method and now I have a document of gibberish. What now?

  64. In my case, I simply (hah!) changed the extension from .doc to .docx. Then, the file contents were properly displayed.

    I don't remember the details of how the file was created, but the problem definitely arose due to working on different computers.

    *** simply *** means I tried opening the file on several computers, then 5 minutes on Google, then change the extension. Then, pray.

  65. Reply to smartone & may be adaptable for other users:

    My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types > New > Advanced
    File Extension: doc
    Associated File Type: Microsoft Office Word 92 – 2003 Document

  66. Right-click on the document and change the extension to .docx.

  67. I copied the offending document, pasted it back into the same folder and opened it. It worked just fine. I think I might have had an invisible character in the file name of the offending document.

    Hopefully, this will be a permanent fix for me.


  68. Hey guys I had the same problem; in my case the solution was to replace .doc with .xls !!! It was actually an Excel file… who knew??

  69. I have xp professional and using word 2003. Some flash disks work fine but I have one that when I save it onto that flash disk (32 GB) I get the 632 error on some of my documents, not all when I attempt to open. I did not want to change my pc text converter, which deleting something would make me nervous. Is there anything that I could do to my flash disk to have the documents come up without the error.


  70. Had a similar problem, opening (word documents created in Windows 2007). Followed Method 1 above, and kudos it worked. Thank you

  71. Tried everything above. Nothing worked. But here is something I noticed: After getting the File Converstion screen, I noticed the first line (of my file at least) read %PDF. Said “hhmmm” to myself, and changed the name to new.pdf from xxx.doc and it opened in Adobe Acrobat reader! Most likely the file is not a .doc, but somehow is reading as a .doc MS file. Try changing the file name to .pdf or maybe even .txt – it might work, what do you have to lose ? Just remember to make a copy before changing anything.

  72. I created a word doc from scratch today and now it won't let me open it. I can open everything else and I can create anything since and I can open it. But the message for this doc says Word cannot start the converter632. Any Ideas would be appreciated.

  73. You can use notepad to open the file and it will determine if it is really some other file type.

    I received this error trying to open a .PDF file which someone had accidentally changed the extension to and it was now a .DOC file. The start of the file in notepad read %PDF-1.0.

    Simply changing the extension back to PDF allowed the file to open (with Adobe PDF Reader of course).

    This information should have been available from Microsoft help pages within Word or on the web but far as I know, it was not.

  74. I have already done this “fix” by clicking, start, run, regedit & then deleting the registry value MSwrd632.wpc. Unfortunately this did not correct the problem. I tried re-installing the related service pack to rectify the problem. All my other MS word documents open but 4 or 5 which show boxes, lettering.

    I’ve even resorted to “system restore” as this wasn’t happening a few days ago…system restore did nothing. I still have no content other than useless symbols or characters in these important documents. I’m concerned they’ve been permanently altered (I hope not. I didn’t save when I exited out after opening & clicking the box to open under rich text or Windows default unicode).

    Nothing is helping. I’m wondering if I can get an MS office suite 2011 operating disk & I delete my current MS office 2003, if I will then recover these documents in their original format?

  75. Tip from rmoore, June 9th, 2010 @3:52 pm is very good. I clicked on the link to Microsoft site and I clicked on the “Fixt it” button and it worked fine for me.

  76. Thanks hope mswr632 will solve my problem

  77. I have got an external hard drive and a particular folder contains word files, excel etc and any document inside the folder will not open. It gives a message of converter mswrd 632 error. But other folders on the drive open without any difficulties. Can you please advise how to open the files in the folder?

  78. "Right-click on the MSWord6.wpc key in the left hand pane and choose Delete."

    Should be:

    "Right-click on the MSWord6.wpc key in the left hand pane and choose Export. Save it on your Desktop or in your My Documents folder in case you need to restore it to the Registry. After Exporting it, right-click on the same key and choose Delete."

    Any changes made to your Registry should be backed up just in case you make a mistake. We all know that mistakes are extremely rare in the computer universe, but they have been known to happen.

  79. Hello I tried both of four methods and the file is still unreadable on all computers… i can send it to u if u like

  80. Thank you so much it solved the problem

  81. Thank you Monduj1 on July 6, 2010…BRILLIANT & EASY FIX!

    I was also experiencing the same error when attempting to open a .doc file with Word from Office Professional 2003. I attempted your easy solution (.doc file was created as a Word from Office 2007 file with extension changed from .docx to .doc, instead of saving in Compatibility mode). I changed the extension on the file to .docx, per your recommendation and Word 2003 was able to open it without issue.

  82. I deleted the MSWord6.wpc key and I still get the same error

  83. Too funny. kwjass and Nibdyh1 was spot on. changed the extension to .docx instead of .doc and all was good.


  84. Changed the extension from .doc to .docx and it opened right up. Thanks!

  85. I was having the same problem, and none of the above solution helped, I am using Office 2003, I made 1 change, open word go to tools, options, under general, check Confirm Conversion at Open

    at the next message convert file, select Word 2007 Document, and it worked for me.

  86. I had the same problem and could´nt open the file.

    At least it was not a .doc.

    Simply delete the .doc and add .pdf at the end.

    Maybe it helps

  87. Sir,

    My system is recently formatted and re-partitioned. But i could recover the files somehow. But i am not able to open old ms-word and excel files. Earlier i was using office 2003 and now also same is in use. If i try to open recovered files i am geting the error 'conversion files required'. i have used the office 2003 pro cd but still the problem persists. Excel files are not opening at all. please help. thanks in advance.

  88. I just resolved this issue for a colleague. The file type was mislabeled. After atempting to open the document in WordPad, I noticed the following at the top line %PDF-1.4.

    I chose to open with Acrobat X and the file opened as expected.

  89. I deleted the MSWord6.wpc key and still the file did not open

  90. This could simply be a case of "Creator error".
    If the creator of the file is using Word 2007 onward, saves the file 'type' as DOCX but names the file xxxxx.DOC then it can confuse older versions of word into thinking it is a DOC not a DOCX file type (So even having the 2007 converter loaded won't help).

    Try saving the file and renaming it from xxxxx.DOC to xxxxx.DOCX


  91. I just had this problem tonight and it turns out the document was actually a .pdf file, but had a .doc extension… Not sure how that happened, but I changed the file extension from .doc to .pdf and it opened in Acrobat fine.

  92. I only seem to have one file under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE named “Default”. Does this mean the file in question has already been deleted?

    The issue is new.

  93. I am having htis same issue. However the issue is if I save the .doc file on my word for mac 2011 and try to open it on my word on my pc i get this error. I followed your suggestions and the error goes away but now the document is all garbled and not converting.

  94. i tried to delete the mswrd6 on the reg edit section but when i opened the file it didn’t display the pop-up anymore but instead it asked me to select an encoder to make the file readable.. and it didn’t work.. i also tried to rename it to .docx but the same happens.. please help. Is it corrupted?

  95. I was getting a similar error when trying to copy a graphic in word into an autocad file. Oddly, once I closed the error message, the graphic was ready to insert.

    The thing is, it scales up and plots perfectly up to a certain size. Larger than that, however, and the plotter just ignores the image (even if it appears in the preview). Would this have to do with file compatibility and the original error our is it a scaling limitation ?

    Thanks –

    – Mike

  96. convert the document into .docx! it will work….:)

  97. Having deleted documents over a year ago forced me to have them recovered, now I can’t read them as they are all odd characters and squares. The Word cannot start the converter Error comes up but after several clicks it will open the documents in unreadable format. I have tried several help sites and nothing seems to work.

    Is there any help for me on these Deleted then Recovered after a year documents? Or is the code the computer uses to re-write over deleted items unrecoverable/ unreadable?

  98. I just had the error msword632.wpc. coming up when trying to to open a MS Word document and your suggestion worked perfectly.

  99. after eliminating mswrd632, i am still unable to open the word file! what to do suggest me? thanks

  100. I’m using Windows 7. I find no Import file in the following link. I’m having the problem of failure to open a *.doc file with error msg about mswrd632.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\MSWord6.wpc

    Need help.

  101. Thank You Very Much, your solution is very useful.

  102. Before trying the REGEDIT stuff, try something simple first, like changing the file extension.

    This is what I did, and it worked:
    1. Find the offending file in the folder.
    2. Right click on the file
    3. Choose “Save as” and then choose the .docx option (I was given the choice of .docm or .docx)
    4. Save, and a new version of the file should thereupon be created.
    5. Look in the folder and find the new copy – should have the same name, but with a different icon
    6. Open the new copy
    7. If it doesn’t open, try installing the word converters.
    8. If it still doesn’t open, try changing to a .pdf extension as noted above.

  103. I was on the verge of freaking out when:

    I emailed the file to myself (Google account)
    Then clicked view file (not download)

    Most of my original text was there, which I then copied and pasted into word. I would have been screwed otherwise as all 20 pages of this project is due in less than a week. That was the solution that worked for myself. Hope this can be a solution for those of you who found no luck with the other suggestions.

  104. Cannot open saved files with the extension .doc on the Laptop which has Word 2010 Beta version

    My DELL desk top PC has operating system XP version 2002 with Service pack 3.
    I also have Word 2000 premium for working on documents.

    On my Acer Laptop I have operating system Windows 7 with Service pack 3.
    For documents I have word 2010 beta version on it.

    Until October last year I could save typed documents on my Laptop with the version word 97-2003 with the extension .doc as it gives the option to save any created document on it, in several different word format versions. Then I was able to open the same document on my desk top for amending or printing purposes. I had no problem then. But from November 2012 my pc will give error message when opening this sort of documents created on my Laptop “word cannot start the converter MS632.wpc”. Tried to find the solution on different websites including Microsoft help etc. Then I ran “Microsoft Fixit 50352” tool from Microsoft site. Now it does not give that error message but cannot open the document but gives several options to use while opening the document including as text. When I try to open it as text only it will just give square boxes in the document instead of any sort of text.

    I have copied and pasted the MSWord632.wpc file from another computer which has word 2003 version but that did not work either. That was from another desktop. I cannot find this file MSWord632.wpc on my Laptop so could not copy it from their to paste on my Desktop PC.

    I read on another website about Microsoft file converter and installed it on my Desktop. But this does not work either. I have tried to do the following without any success:

    1. Saved document in three formats on my Lap top with the wersion word 97-2003, Word 2007 (all with .doc extensions) and as original (version 2010 Bets) with .docx extension. By the way I am using Kingston USB flash drive to save these documents to use with my Desk top.

    2. When I try to open these documents, my Desk top is unable to open them with Word 2000 Premium version. It will not give any error message but will tell me that it is unable to open the file.

    I have tried everything so far I could find on the web but nothing seems to work. I hope one of you technical persons will be able to help me.

  105. Simply changing the doc to docx worked for me.

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